Sometimes a long commute is inevitable. You may be stuck in your car, driving the same route over and over, but that doesn’t mean your commute has to be a drag. Here are some simple ways to make your drive to and from work a pleasure.

Get an Electric Vehicle

The worst things about a long, hectic commute are the boredom, the feeling that you are wasting time, and the expense of fuel and maintenance. At first glance, you may not see an electric car as a solution to these problems, but look again. 

Electric cars are quiet. In fact, they run almost silently. That means you can more comfortably listen to whatever interests you during the commute. If you are doing something you enjoy or feel has value during the drive, you are less likely to feel like your drive time is a waste of time.

In terms of fuel and repairs, electric vehicles have a proven record of saving a ton of money. The cost of charging the battery is typically a fraction of the cost of traditional fuel. With electric cars becoming increasingly popular, it’s becoming easier and easier to find a Tesla charger for home and on the go. Also, because electric cars have so few moving parts, there is much less wear and tear as you drive, which means much lower maintenance and repair costs. 

Keep Your Car in Good Repair

A malfunctioning car is a major stressors. Wondering if you will make it to work is a headache you don’t need. Being unexpectedly delayed because of a breakdown can be a nightmare. Take one stress of commuting off your mind by keeping up with car maintenance. Regular oil changes and check ins with your mechanic will ensure that being able to physically get from home to work and back again is not a worry.

Learn As You Go

Just because there are limited things you can do and accomplish while sitting in a car, that doesn’t mean time in a car has to be wasted time. Shift your thinking. Instead of thinking that commutes are drudgery, think of that period of time as a treat for your own quiet pleasure.

Find a podcast or audiobook to listen to. Practice a foreign language. Reflect on the things you are grateful for. Work on developing new skills or habits. We are lucky to live in a time when there is an app for just about everything. If you want to hear it on your drive, there is an app for that.

Stow Your Phone

Besides having an app running on your phone, you shouldn’t have any contact with your phone while driving. This should go without saying, but distracted driving is still a major cause of accidents on the road. Give yourself the gift of a drive with less stress and more safety. Get set up with what you want to listen to for your ride to work and then put your phone away.


Many of us sit in the car during our commutes and then sit at our desks for most of the work day. That’s a lot of sitting. If you sit and type for work, it may be difficult to move around enough, which leaves you feeling stiff and sore. Although you need to be very mindful of safety on the road, your drive may offer you an opportunity to loosen up your muscles and get your blood flowing. 

Try these simple car stretches the next time you find yourself cruising along or are stopped at a traffic light. Alternate clenching your fist as tightly as you can and then spreading your fingers as wide as they will go. Flex your wrist as far forward and backward as you can, slowly. Roll one shoulder at a time backwards ten times and then forward ten times. 

You can stretch most of your body from the waist up, so long as you go slowly. These stretches are more about holding a position and not about being athletic. 

Catch Up on Non-Work Phone Calls

If you mentally categorize your commute as part of your work time, as many people do, you have the opportunity to give yourself a bonus. If your boss told you that your company was going to pay you to spend an hour a day catching up with your friends and loved ones, you’d be pretty happy.

When you are in your own car, you are your own boss. That means you can give yourself that exact gift. Instead of trying to work on your commute, which can increase your stress and distraction while driving, consider taking that time to connect with the people you don’t see often enough. Talking to the people who make you happy is a perfect way to bookend your workday. 

Sherry Dyson rose to prominence due to her prior marriage to acclaimed novelist Chris Gardner. Her ex-husband has had a variety of jobs, including those of businessman and stockbroker. Despite her inability to become a big name in the entertainment industry, Sherry’s husband has watched with pride as she pursues a successful career in another field. Education was a sector in which she excelled in the past.

In the late 1970s, the couple married the wedding, but their marriage did not last long. After three years of dating, they separated. There are no children from their relationship; however Sherry did have a miscarriage.

This page discusses Dyson’s childhood in addition to many other amazing facts.

  • Sherry Dyson’s mother taught high school.

Sherry Dyson was born in Virginia in the 1950s. Her father was the proprietor of the A. D. Price Funeral Home and a mortician. In contrast, her mother was a schoolteacher.

Sherry had lived her whole life in the same Richmond home, a lovely colonial on Hanes Avenue.

Dyson was born in America and is of African-American origin.

  • Education

The University of Michigan granted Dyson a Master of Arts in Teaching. In addition, she attended Morgan State for her studies.

  • The whereabouts of Sherry Dyson remain a mystery.

Since a long time ago, nothing new has been reported concerning her activities. However, Sherry has also taught college-level mathematics in the past. In addition, she worked as a tutor in the public schools of Richmond.

The former instructor is also active in other charitable initiatives. After realising that Ciara Armstrong’s birthday came in December 2019, Dyson decided to collect donations for Stand Up To Cancer through the social media platform.

Sherry Dyson, who was formerly married to Chris Gardner, is now his ex-wife. When did they first begin dating?

In the 1970s, the exes first crossed paths. Chris, who is four years younger than Sherry, wrote in his memoirs The Pursuit of Happiness that he and Sherry saw the 1971 film Summer of ’42 together. This film, which depicts the relationship between a middle-aged lady and a high school kid, is romantically beautiful in every respect.

Despite the fact that neither Sherry nor Chris first gave their relationship any attention, it gradually grew into an undeniable love affair. Despite residing in different areas, the pair maintained their long-distance relationship with several late-night phone conversations. In the aforementioned book, Gardner not only admitted to a 900 phone bill, but he also acknowledged it.

  • Wedding:

Chris Dyson, Sherry’s husband, purchased an engagement ring using credit.

Before choosing to further their relationship, the pair dated for many years. On June 18, 1977, they exchanged vows. Navy colleague Leon Webb served as best man for Chris’s Virginia wedding. The event was held at Chris’s parents’ home, the Dysons. From the chandeliers to the one-of-a-kind wall art, the two-story venue was adorned with southern hospitality.

The motivating speaker also provided Sherry with a $900 diamond engagement ring.

  • Miscarriage of a Pregnant Woman

Numerous tabloids wrongly reported that Dyson and Chris had a child together, although they remained barren throughout their marriage. Sherry really gave birth to their first child. However, Dyson suffered a miscarriage. They were both devastated by the tragic occurrence.

Chris, in need of more funds, had accepted a nighttime security guard position.

The Dissolution of Christopher Gardner’s Marriage Due to His Extramarital Affairs

In 1980, after just three years of marriage, the couple split. Gardner informed his wife a few days before his 26th birthday that he would no longer pursue a career as a physician. The decision started to undermine their relationship almost immediately.

Sherry Dyson moved to Oakland shortly after their separation. After then, contact between the former partners was at best limited. It took nine long years to finalise their divorce.

The online casino industry is constantly evolving, and new technologies are emerging that can improve the gaming experience for players. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most exciting new technologies that are being developed for online casinos. These technologies include virtual reality, Augmented Reality, and blockchain technology. Online casinos offer, in addition to technological innovations, a selection of bonuses or in finnish kasinobonukset  to entice new players and give some additional money to play. Keep reading to know how the latest technologies can improve the gaming experience and make online casinos more user-friendly.

Live dealers

Live dealer games are becoming increasingly popular in online casinos. They offer players the opportunity to experience the excitement of a natural casino environment while playing from their homes. Live dealers are actual people who deal with the cards and spin the roulette wheel, and players can view them from different angles through a high-definition live video stream. Each table has a gaming controller (GCU) that offers a smooth interaction between dealers and players, which allows players to interact with the dealers and other players in real time. The GCU uses optical character recognition (OCR) to collect game data, which it then displays on the screen. This technology records every detail of information in the gaming room, such as a spinning roulette wheel or shuffling cards, offering players an authentic experience.

Blockchain technology

With technology constantly changing, casino goers now have access to various safe and speedy payment options, like online banking, PayPal, Apple Pay and others. The latest technology allows users to initiate payment through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and others. This new system will enable people to pay for goods and services without going through a bank or other third-party institution, which makes transactions faster, cheaper and more secure. The benefits of blockchain technology include data transparency, the anonymity of financial transactions, decentralization and low transaction fees. Although it is still in its early stages, more and more casinos are beginning to integrate cryptocurrencies into their systems. This virtual currency will eventually lessen the risk of identity theft and scams, making it an up-and-coming development in the industry.

Virtual reality games

Virtual reality games are quickly gaining popularity in the online casino industry. They offer players an immersive gaming experience unmatched by any other type of game. VR games allow players to enter a virtual world and interact with their surroundings. VR casino games create a more realistic gaming experience that will excite players.

VR games are perfect for online casinos because they can be adapted to any game. There are now VR versions of popular casino games like blackjack, roulette and poker. These games offer an exciting new way to play your favourite casino games. VR games also allow players to interact with other players worldwide, adding a social element to the gaming experience that is unique to VR games.

Data-driven gambling

Data-driven gambling is a new technology that uses data and algorithms to improve the gaming experience for players. This technology collects information on player behaviour, game performance and other relevant data. It then uses this data to optimize gameplay and increase player satisfaction.

Data-driven gambling can also improve casino marketing strategies by offering targeted promotions and bonuses based on player preferences. Data-driven gambling gives players a more personalized gaming experience and can potentially increase revenue for casinos.

Gesture control

Live dealer games provide an immersive experience for casino players, and gesture control technology takes this immersion to the next level by allowing players to interact more naturally. This technology comes in the form of gloves that users put on, allowing them to interact with casino tables and slot machines as if they were sitting at a live one.

3D Animation

3D animation is quickly becoming a popular feature in online casinos. It allows for more realistic graphics and animations, making players’ gaming experience even more immersive. This technology also opens up new opportunities in game development, allowing for unique and innovative gameplay options. Online casinos can use 3D animation to create realistic environments and characters that add excitement to casino games. It is quickly becoming one of the most essential online casino game development tools.

Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming is quickly becoming the most popular way to play casino games. It offers players a convenient and immersive gaming experience that players can enjoy anywhere and anytime. Mobile gaming is perfect for people who want to play casino games on the go.

Casinos now offer a range of mobile-friendly games that users can play on smartphones and tablets. These games offer great graphics and sound effects, making them an exciting alternative to traditional online casino games. Mobile gaming is also very convenient because it allows players to make deposits and withdrawals with just a few taps on their screen.

Casinos are increasingly focusing on mobile gaming, which will continue in the years ahead. Mobile gaming is changing the landscape of the online casino industry, and it is here to stay.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, technology is constantly evolving and improving the online casino industry. These advancements offer players a more exciting and immersive gaming experience, as well as increased security and convenience. As technology advances, we can expect to see even more developments in the future of online casinos.

Most people spend at least a third of their life inside of their home. From sleeping to eating to socializing, a lot of activities happen within your residence. During Covid scares, the amount of time spent at home grew even higher. If you’re going to spend this much time indoors, you want your living space to be as good as it can possibly be.

If you want to make your home a better place, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands. This means some upgrades are in order, which will take both time and money. In a busy world, both of these commodities may be in short supply.

Even still, there’s no reason to be concerned. There are many simple and affordable ways you can upgrade your home. This can be done without filling up your calendar or completely depleting your bank account. Here are four easy ways to make your home more comfortable without spending a ridiculous amount of money.

1. Passively Save Money

Let’s begin with the general concept of saving money for home upgrades. Even if an upgrade isn’t going to cost much, the money has to come from somewhere and fit into your existing budget. Passive savings will be your best friend here.

An easy way to passively save money is by getting a debit card that comes equipped with a round up feature. With a card like this, every time you make a payment, the total cost will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. That extra change will be placed in a savings account. While each deposit will be small, it can add up quickly.

When you settle on a project you want to complete, that savings account can help fund it. The following home upgrades don’t come with hefty price tags. The round up feature on your debit card should be able to finance them in a short period of time. 

2. Plug Into Technology

Smart home technology has come a long way and continues to improve. There are gadgets of all shapes and sizes and for each budget. There are massive overhauls you can add to your home, but you can get plenty of value from more affordable options.

Let’s say you want to improve your home security. You can get a simple security camera for a great price. Something like a smart doorbell can be useful for speaking with the mailman or warding off potential porch pirates. An interior camera is helpful for keeping an eye on your kids when they need additional supervision. 

Smart home devices are becoming increasingly popular. Products such as the Amazon Echo or Google Nest respond to voice commands that can tell you the weather or adjust the lights. You can get a high-quality model in the ballpark of $50 with all of the features you could possibly need. There are also smart devices that can make your lights and outlets more energy efficient. 

3. Add a Splash of Color

Sometimes all you need to do to upgrade your home is to add a little bit of color. A change of color can completely change how your home looks and feels. Best of all, it’s relatively quick and inexpensive to swap out the colors around your house.

Start by looking at the walls in the various rooms in your home. Are drab grays bringing you down? Do your white walls get dirty too quickly? Give them a quick paint job! A single can of paint can go a long way, and it’s a task you can easily complete with a simple roller.

Another way to add color is through interior decorating. A new houseplant in the front room won’t cost much and has low upkeep. However, that single plant can make your entryway look that much more lively and inviting. So can a brightly colored chair or a bean bag, whatever you choose to include in your new layout. 

4. Organize a Deep Clean

Perhaps the best way to upgrade your home is to give it a good old-fashioned deep clean. Underneath the dust and piles of laundry is a nice structure that just needs to be uncovered. The entire building may look brand new after a proper cleaning. 

A deep clean will transform your house more than just organizing and picking up after yourself. Scrub the floors thoroughly, power wash the deck, and clean those hard to reach spaces that you normally put off. These are the types of cleaning tasks that will really make a difference.

You can take advantage of a cleaning spree by adding a few updates as well. Wooden shelves and furniture will look fresh with a coat of polish on them. You can also use deep cleaning as an excuse to rearrange said furniture. A new layout can sure feel like an update. 

You’ll feel much cleaner, safer, and happier in an upgraded home. Even a small change can have a large impact on your mood and behavior and that of your family. Start looking into the upgrades you want today and make a plan to incorporate them as soon as possible. You deserve a house that feels like a home every time you’re in it. 

If you’ve been wounded because of the carelessness of another person, a lawyer who specializes in situations involving personal injuries can assist you in filing a lawsuit against that individual. It is part of a lawyer’s responsibility to appear in court on behalf of a client, prepare a case for trial, and negotiate a settlement outside of court.There are hundreds of attorneys who specialize in personal injury law. A Google search will return results for dozens of local attorneys to choose from. When there are so many choices, it might be difficult to find an attorney that is skilled in this field. Law offices of spar & bernstein for wrongful death is one of the best personal injury lawyers you can find. Here is the process of getting a good personal injury for yourself.

How to get a qualified attorney to handle your personal injury case.

Research various law firms on the internet.

Visit the legal firm’s website to determine whether or not they represent clients in situations involving personal injury. If you were hurt in an event that involves falling, you should seek the services of a legal representative who concentrates on cases involving claims of slip-and-fall accidents. There are also reviews of lawyers that can be found online. Look into the accolades and citations that have been bestowed onto the law company or attorney you are considering hiring.

Examine  your options 

When you have finished compiling a list of possible attorneys, you should immediately begin the process of scheduling appointments with each of them to discuss your case. Have a conversation about the issue with the company’s representatives over the phone. If you find it more convenient, you may submit your information using an online form. You should be prepared to address your problem with an attorney when you call a law office, as soon as you make that call.

Find out if the organization has any experience in trying instances involving personal injuries.

You have the right to be compensated for your injuries in a manner that takes into consideration the amount of pain and suffering you have endured. There needs to be some kind of evaluation done here. The majority of law firms that focus on personal injury have very little to no experience practicing law in court. Some law firms would even pass off difficult cases to competitors in the industry. Find a law firm that has 1) personal injury trial lawyers with expertise representing clients in situations that are comparable to yours and 2) considerable experience litigating cases.

At Penney and Associates, we have on staff individuals who have worked as trial attorneys for insurance companies in the past and who have successfully brought personal injury claims to verdict. None of our cases are ever handed up to organizations located outside of our organization. Relationships

Ask for referals 

Talk to persons you know who have hired an attorney for a personal injury case in the recent past. If the lawyer comes with a lot of praise, you should include him on your list. It is not a good idea to choose an attorney based on the recommendation of another person. Every client will react differently depending on the strategy and personality of their attorney. There is no assurance that your attorney will take as much interest in your case as you do. You should prepare yourself for this possibility. Before you commit to using their services, you need to discuss the matter with a lawyer.

If someone you know personally or someone who has previously represented you in a legal matter could be considered a lawyer. It may appear to be a no-brainer to engage a friend or member of your family to handle your personal injury claim; however, this is not the case.It’s possible that this lawyer doesn’t have any experience representing clients who have been hurt in incidents in the past. If this is the case, you need to talk to the attorney about getting a reference for another lawyer. In the majority of law firms, there is at least one partner who focuses solely on representing plaintiffs in personal injury claims. You shouldn’t put any more stock in the advice of a lawyer than you would in the recommendation of a close friend or someone you work with.

Choosing a Lawyer to Represent You

Face-to-face communication with a potential recruit is the most effective technique to make your case. Include any and all contact with your insurance provider, including demand letters, along with copies of your police report, medical bills, and proof that you had a loss of income.Personal injury attorneys often do not charge clients anything for initial consultations.During the initial appointment that you have with the attorney, make it a point to ask them questions that are fundamental.


to some research on the credentials and experience of the lawyer. Investigate the academic background of the attorney, but keep in mind that experience in actual practice matters more. Don’t let it slip your mind that.

  • How long has the individual been working as a legal practitioner?
  • How large of a portion of the attorney’s practice is devoted to representing clients who have been injured personally?
  • Does the attorney represent the individual who is being sued or the corporation (or insurance company) that is being sued?
  • Is the lawyer familiar with your insurance company or the person who handles your claims? Where are you going to get help?

Who will work on your case?

Cases are worked on by many, if not most, legal offices together. Routine cases are handled by lawyers and paralegals with less experience. It saves people time at work. If you’re paying by the hour, you shouldn’t ask a senior lawyer to do simple paperwork.

Channel of communication

When looking for a lawyer, it’s important to be able to talk to them. Your lawyer is paying attention to you? Will your lawyer take your ideas about how to handle the case into account? How easy do you find the lawyer to understand? Do you believe the lawyer will keep you informed and listen to your concerns?How much you can help and how well your lawyer does his job might depend on how willing he is to listen and how well he understands you. How you decide will depend on how well the lawyer can make your case. Getting your thoughts out in words could help you deal with stress.

What the Settlement’s goal is

The lawyer will talk to you about your case and the talks with the insurance company. Then, he or she will give you a general idea of how much your case is worth and how hard it might be to get the insurance company to pay in that range. Ask the lawyer how the case could be handled and if you can trust him or her to do what you say. The following are some of the methods:

  • Getting a settlement amount within a given range with minimal out-of-pocket costs and hassle getting any amount faster than if you dealt with the insurance company directly getting as much as you can no matter how long it takes
  • You don’t have to accept the result you want just because you tell your lawyer how to handle your case. If you think the lawyer is going in the wrong direction, you can always ask them to change course. You may want the lawyer to finish up quickly. Or, legal fees could make any compensation you do get a lot smaller. 
  • You and your lawyer may have decided that the chance of getting a bigger settlement has gone up, so you are ready to have your lawyer fight for a better outcome for as long as it takes.

There are endless numbers of VPNs for Windows in the market. However, only a handful of them works as they claim to. Today, we create an all-encompassing checklist so you can purchase a reliable VPN for long-term use. Here are a few essential VPN features

Server options

A VPN for Windows requires a tunnel to establish a secure connection between the VPN’s server and the user’s terminal. The user assumes a manufactured IP address from the VPN’s web server rather than their own. As an advantage, the user can connect with any geographical location that offers a fast speed and reliable connection.


A wise VPN provider will provide connections carefully spread out throughout the world. They will range from different countries to give you multiple options, which also results in optimal server performance.


A free VPN download on the PC also offers mobile applications with similar features. The in-app and mobile support adds value to the services as it keeps all the devices safe. You can enjoy the elements at home and in public too.

Therefore, before making a VPN choice, ensure it is available on all platforms, including computers and mobile phones. You can check their website for iOS and Android compatibility. Furthermore, check out the installation instructions too. iTop VPN offers extensive guides on manual setups.

Kill switch

Even the best free VPN for Windows 10 will sometime experience disruptive connections. There could be IP leaks which expose your real IP address online. This happens when the VPN servers are overloaded.

iTop VPN comes with a kill switch that monitors the connection and keeps the user identified. It will notify when the connection drops and immediately close it to prevent sensitive information from leaking. The kill switch is an embedded feature which makes iTop VPN unique and reliable.

DNS safety

A VPN for Windows will also provide an anonymous DNS server. Domain Name System converts the address you type into the search into an understandable language for the IP address to divert traffic to your terminal.


A DNS conversion takes place by default. However, a VPN will create a false translation process to hide the IP address. It protects your terminal from unknown prying eyes, such as hackers seeking identity theft. Your passwords stay secure too.

Multiple payment plans

A cooperative VPN for Windows must not be expensive compared to its services. On the other hand, a VPN offers an affordable payment structure against yearly services. However, it would be best if you also remembered starter packages do not provide the full range of features the service advertises. Therefore, pick the option that fits the best for you.

Are you searching for a VPN for Windows?

iTop VPN comes with free VPN download options on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Get ready to experience unlimited access from over 1800 servers on all available platforms. It will protect your devices from hackers and trackers. Do download it today!