Strategies to Increase Visits to Your Website. Every good Web Marketing strategy starts with a well-structured website, characterized by a fascinating design, embellished with creative and informative content at the same time, capable of offering users an engaging, exciting browsing experience, which attracts them, intrigues them. , entertain them, retain them, lead them (and easily) exactly where you want.

The website is your identity card, it is here that you tell who you are, that you inform your potential customers, that you turn users into contacts and then into customers. Basic requirement 1: plan your website with strategy and awareness. Basic requirement 2:  increase visits to your website with specially designed strategies.

How to increase (qualified) visits to your website

Increasing visits to your website is essential to make yourself known and noticed, to make you remember, to sell your products or services and, more generally, to convert.

It is natural and physiological that only a part of your users will then become your customers, for this reason it is fundamental, on the one hand, to optimize the best experience that you give to those who venture into your home online and, on the other hand, that how many more people potentially interested in what you have to offer come to visit you.

I remind you: in order for you to save time and money, the people who come to you must already be potentially interested in your offer and the message you have to communicate, they must self-select and it will be you who will lead the right people on your website.

Do you want to increase qualified visits to your Instant License website? Here are 10 strategies to do it:

1. Start with SEO

The SEO, acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is the set of strategies and techniques that enable you to position your website in the SERPs of the search engines, Google on all.

Before building your website, if you want it to be easily traceable on the Net, you need to analyze the search intentions of your users, what they think and want when they want to satisfy their need or their curiosity when they search online.

Starting from the analysis you have to build your website. It all starts with SEO because the architecture that the website will have, the content with which you will fill it, the system of internal links and that of external links that you will build, the HTML code, the on-page SEO techniques, the keywords you will use, everything will have to be chosen and studied starting from the way people search for your products or services on the Web.

2. Organize an event to promote the launch of the site

Have you just published your website or have you finished restyling what you already had? You can promote it with a small event, both offline (in your company, in the office, in the shop) and online, through the Events tool that Facebook puts at your disposal.

This way you will attract people’s attention and make them curious. And if your website is well done, you will also encourage them to come back to visit you.

3. Plan a content marketing strategy

A Content Marketing strategy is a very valuable support for your website: it allows you to plan content capable of responding simultaneously to your needs and those of your target audience.

By promoting them through blogs, social networks and newsletters, these contents can become an excellent tool to bring visits to your website, to make yourself known and to convert.

4. Enhance your identity with a blog

Blog yes or blog no? Is he alive or is he dead? I think so. The blog is a very valuable tool for your website both because it allows you to enhance your identity and manage your brand reputation.

Thanks to the use of keywords and on-page SEO techniques (tag, meta-tag, description, meta-description, URL, image optimization) and the possibility of obtaining precious links from other sites to your website, the blog helps you position yourself in the SERPs of search engines , make you find and increase visits .

5. Create an effective newsletter

Do you know why implementing newsletters in your Web Marketing and website promotion strategies is an important and useful technique?

Because these are direct and periodic communications, which exploit a privileged communication channel and which represent a fixed appointment with your customer, to whom they turn in a personalized way, which is always positive.

So many advantages, therefore, that offer you the opportunity to keep in touch with those who have visited your website, to continuously stimulate their curiosity, facilitate the memory of your brand and encourage them to come and visit you in your virtual home.

6. Schedule activity on Social Networks

Social Networks are the places where people today find themselves, get informed, have fun, talk, where they spend most of their time when connected by a mobile device.

That’s why exploiting Social Networks strategically with Social Media Marketing can become very important to promote your website, your content, your offer.

Not only that, they are also a valuable tool for retaining your customers because they allow you to establish long-lasting and long-lasting relationships with them.

7. Promote your activities for a fee

A necessary and effective strategy to promote visits to your website is to implement paid promotion strategies on Google with the AdWords platform and on Facebook with Facebook Ads.

These, if well targeted, allow you to reach and engage only the target of your interest and get noticed by this. In addition, you must take into account that the cost of online paid activities is lower than that of promotional activities on traditional media.

8. Take advantage of the official communications channel

Exploiting the official communications of your brand by indicating the address of your website (on business cards, brochures, letters, internal company communications, signage and so on) is a useful strategy to give visibility to your website, make it known and bring new visits , those of people curious and interested in meeting you.

9. Contact industry influencers

Influencer marketing is a promotional activity which, if strategically and consciously used, can bring important results to your website in terms of visits and visibility.

What does influencer mean? Influencers are people who enjoy authority and credibility in a particular sector and within their reference niche.

When you entrust your reputation to an influencer (because this is what you do when you associate your name with that of another person), you must verify that this niche is of interest to you and that the influencer in question is able to represent you with credibility and honesty.

10. Collaborate with industry partners

Part of a strategy similar to that of Influencer Marketing is the one that allows you to take advantage of industry partnerships, such as affiliations, to bring visits to your website.

The collaboration with partners to you like or who can cooperate with you because you share intentions and objectives, allowing you to catch new people you potentially affected, leading them to your website and to enjoy visits and visibility.


These are my suggestions for increasing visits to a website and promoting it. What other strategies do you use? If I have forgotten something, write it in the comments to complete my advice and improve this article.

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