Speed has become of great importance today. In terms of technology, every product that we acquire should come with great speed and efficiency. But despite the quality of the device you buy, at one stage its speed and effectiveness will automatically deteriorate. 

The same is the case with Android phones. You might buy a phone with amazing specifics such as memory, RAM, and processor, yet at some point in time, it will become slow and start hanging or lagging. This is because your android is not in its optimized state. Keeping the phone optimized is very important to get the best benefits from it. 

To play the crucial role of keeping your android phone optimized, many applications have been launched in the market. In this article, we will study the best 5 android optimizers. 

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5 Best Android optimizer apps

  • Ccleaner

Ccleaner is a popular app by Avast, which Is used to keep your Android clean and free from junk such as unwanted or harmful files, cache, etc. It also comes with a phone booster which boosts up your phone so that it can perform at its best. It optimizes the RAM of your android phone and gets rid of all the unwanted files which are covering up space on your phone, making it a slow device. Other important features of Ccleaner can be mentioned below- 

  • It comes with an app manager that helps you to uninstall unwanted apps
  • It helps you clear up your browsing history
  • It acts as a battery saver by hibernating battery draining apps
  • It helps you removed files that have not been used for long
  • It helps in saving storage space
  • It speeds up your device and checks your android regularly
  • Avast Cleanup

Avast has been known to provide the best solutions for all your PC needs. Similarly, android has developed a Cleanup app, which is meant to ensure that your phone is in its optimized state. It is a multi-functional app, which acts as a booster for your phone as well as a cleaner and an optimizer. You can remove unnecessary files from your phone, such as duplicate photos from your photo gallery. Other features of Avast Cleanup can be seen below-

  • It cleans junk files and cache available on your phone
  • It helps you shut down apps running in the background and thus saves battery 
  • It helps clean up your gallery by removing unwanted and duplicate photos
  • It boosts the performance of your device
  • It provides an overview of many apps and media present on your device.
  • Norton cleaner

Norton is one of the oldest software companies, which was earlier known for the creation of antivirus apps for the PC. Norton clean is an app developed by them for the optimization of your phone. It helps you to clean up the extra space acquired by unwanted files and cache on your mobile, making your phone more spacious and optimized. Other features that come with Norton cleaner are written below-

  • It analyses the junk present on your device and removes it simultaneously
  • It cleans up unwanted files and cache from apps that were previously downloaded by you. 
  • It stops the apps running in the background unwanted and enhances the performance of your phone 
  • Its app manager helps you stop or remove apps from your phone
  • It is known to optimize the memory of your phone
  • It comes with an easy interface that can be used by any person. 
  • Droid optimizer

It is an app that was developed specifically for the optimization of Android mobile phones. It is one of the best apps that is used widely by android users to keep their phones optimized and consequently their performance at the best stage. For gamer who play heavy games on their mobile phones, it is an amazing optimizer as it guarantees them the best gaming experience. Other features are mentioned below-

  • It optimizes and boosts the performance of your android
  • It removes apps in the background and frees up space covered by them on the RAM of your phone
  • It saves battery and enhances the life of the battery of your android
  • It comes with an application manager so that you can remove unwanted apps from your mobile easily
  • Its optimizer helps you to have an unhindered gaming experience and your phone’s best performance is ensured
  • It easily cleans up big files and cache present on your mobile phone
  • It does the task of cleaning up your device automatically at regular intervals. 
  • AVG cleaner

AVG is a well-known anti-virus app and has recently come up with an app to provide optimal solutions to android users as well. IT is an app that does the job of cleaning up junk and boosting the memory and RAM of the android phone of the user. It is an easy-to-use app, which is used widely around the world. Other features-

  • It has amazing android boosting capabilities
  • It hibernated the unwanted apps running in the background, thus increasing your battery life
  • It cleans up your photo gallery by detecting and removing duplicate photos without you having to put in a lot of effort
  • It cleans up extra space on the phone and its RAM making it faster
  • It requires only a one-time setup and is very easy to use
  • Its app manager helps you in the uninstallation of your apps. 

Conclusion For 5 Best Android Optimizer

Thus, we have read about the most prevalent and most widely downloaded applications on android for optimization of the android mobile phone. So if you have an android phone and have not downloaded an application for its optimization till now, you should go and get one to ensure the best performance of your device now.