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7StarHd Alternative Websites For Watching Free Movies

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Now we are talking about the website 7StarHd where every single movie can be found in just a few taps. So you just have to write down the name of the movie you want to watch online or download. If you do not know the name of a movie, then you can also find it by giving the category, so it is very easy to find a movie from this website. That’s why it is too cool to use 7StaHd.

About 7StarHd:

This was an illegal website to watch and download movies for free of cost. It was a platform where pirated content was uploaded. You can download or watch the movie before the actual releasing date. This website has become popular all over the world by giving an amazing collection of HD movies to its viewers. The website has a massive collection of movies, dramas, and TV shows. Many online websites can afford these charges for using content, so they will look for a better way to use them. By keeping in mind, 7 StarHd made it easier by providing free streaming and downloading movies in different taps. This website included one of the highest viewed of all time. 

This website contains illegal content to show its viewers; thus, it provides copied content, so its quality is low. If you want to download or watch online streams, you will get a low resolution of movies, dramas, and TV shows. If you searched for about 7starhd 300Mb, all the film would appear in 300MB. Copied movie resolutions are low because hidden cameras captured them. There is no boundary of movies on this site.

Thousands of Movies Free

This site has a huge number of films, so you have to write a movie name or its category to find. All the movies on this site are illegal and used to entertain its users, so using this site is a crime.This website is straightforward to use. You just put effort into this. If you want to download a movie from 7StarHd com, you click on the main website, and you should start searching for your taste.

This site is full of movies in dual audio or native languages from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, SouthIndian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. All movies are added to this site that are newly released as early as possible, so the viewers do not get annoyed while finding a movie from the site. The qualities of movies are 360p, 720p, and 1080p, and this site offers its viewers to download a movie within 300MB, which makes downloading easier and MB saving.

Download Movies From 7 Star HD Website

The site 7SatrHd had a movie downloading platform where robbed content was published. By publishing robbed content, it affects on Box office annually up to millions of dollars. That’s why it is a crime to use this site and manage this site. It looks like earning something by doing nothing or stealing someone’s efforts to gain benefits. HD movies are fully available on this site for its people. It makes it easier to watch or download movies within a few seconds. Pirated content is easy to use but maybe panicked because if you are using this site, you are promoting piracy websites for downloading or online streaming. Downloading a movie from this site is easy. However, it is dangerous. 

Dual Audio 

This site is giving you an offer to watch or download movies in all languages. Sometimes a viewer wants to watch a Hollywood movie, but they cannot understand the Hollywood movies language, which is the English language, so this site gives you a dual audio option. It means if you want to watch Hollywood movies in Hindi, so you select the Hindi version over a Hollywood movie, and it’s up to you that you want to download or watch that movie. If you want to stream online or download Hollywood movies in Hindi, you type on the main page of Google that is 7StarHd Hollywood Hindi audio movies.

Thousands of Hollywood movies will appear on your desktop within nanosecond, which is already in Hindi dubbed. Like this, if you are finding a Tamil movie but you don’t know the Tamil language, there is also an option to convert that movie into Hindi or English. 

Movies from this site are not officially released. They just copy their content and publish it on this website. It reduces the box office collection because no one can afford cinemas. Suppose they can freely watch the same movie on this website without paying anything, so they prefer a pirated website to watch over cinemas or theatres. Sometimes a user wants to download or watch movies in both audios like Hindi and English, so, yes, there is also an option to download or watch the online stream for both languages. It also includes a subtitle option for those people who want to watch a movie in Hindi but subtitles in English.

Watch Movies In HD, and 4K Resolution

A person who wants to watch 7StarHd movies with high quality of resolution and excellent quality of its audio, so the site develop an option to convert movie quality by the user in HD, Ultra HD, and 4k. Some of the movies are generated in too low quality, because when the movie was captured, the cameraman was so far from the big screen. It’s a piracy website, so some of the movies were uploaded on this website are following as:

  • Bharat  
  • Aditya Varma
  • Saaho
  •  Humen Dartboard
  • Detective Food Chain
  • Madhuri Talkies
  • Kadaram Kondan 
  • Pressure Cooker 
  • Gully Boy 
  • Good News
  • War
  • Chhapaak

Some movies were uploaded from Tamil Film Industries are following as:

  • KD
  • Hero
  • Jada
  • Pattas
  • Sarkar
  • Kalidas
  • Gundu
  • RDX Love
  • Action
  • RK Nagar
  • Petromax 

7 Star HD movies are in different categories, including romantic, action, thriller, comedy, horror, science fiction, and adventures. It depends on you what you want to watch or download to entertain your free time but apart from these movies, you could also watch cartoons or anime movies. Once you get addicted to this site, then it is difficult to leave this site. It would become your priority because this site’s work is appreciable, but as we know that this website is publishing pirated content to entertain its people. It’s a crime to use this site, so the people who are using this site are promoting the piracy website, which is entirely illegal. 

Some of the other related websites to 7 Star HD are given below:

  • Ssrmovies:

This movie website was involved in pirated content, so Google took action and banned this website. Now it is unable to use that’s why piracy websites are panicked. 

  • 123Movies:

We are going to talk about the 123movies website, which was one of the best piracy websites at once. It had a vast collection of movies that we’re absolutely free, but now it cannot be used for not following Google policy. 

  • Mp4movies:

It contained many movies that can be watched or downloaded for free time but not keeping in mind this website uploading pirated content for free, so Google shut down this site a few years ago.

  • Kuttymovies:

The website used copied movies for publishing and was one of the highest traffic sites. It is included in the piracy website and cannot be worked properly now. It had many categories of movies, so it was easy to find a movie by searching in its class. 

  • Kissanime

Kissanime piracy website was entirely responsible for downloading and streaming songs in the best quality. The qualities start from 36p to 1080p, which covers from 6mbs to 120mbs. This online platform has a big category list which is following as:

  1. Best songs 
  2. Tiktok Trending Tunes
  3. Hip Hop Music
  4. Best Upcoming Songs
  5. Most Viewed Beats
  • Tamilrockers:

The website has millions of movies in it, and anyone can download or watch online movies without giving a single penny, so this website has a large connection all over the world.

By publishing copied content, this website got banned by the Google authority, but at once, 7StarHd win the title of being the most used movie website in the world comprehensive. Many websites used pirated movies a few years ago, but after that, Google took several serious steps to make Google free from piracy websites.

Due to giving copyright movies on this website and Google policy spoiled by the 7 StarHd. This website had a complete collection of movies that were not officially released, so the movies on this website were low-quality content. This happens when a movie is released in a theater or cinema. A person recorded all the film with the help of hidden cameras, then converted that recording into CDs and DVDs and sold them into the market for financial support.

Not only the movies can be found on this site. Moreover, you can also watch TV shows on this website by searching on this 7Starhd TV show, and hundreds of TV shows in high quality. Select a show that you want to prefer, and it depends on you that you want to download or watch online.

Following are the legal websites you should use instead of pirated websites:

  • Netflix:

It is an American website for watching online movies and seasons as well. Netflix is a fully trusted website all the time. It has millions of viewers, and these are increasing day by day.

  • Amazon prime:

This movie website has numerous movies that can be watched by paying; Amazon is an excellent way to entertain you, but it is highly paid, which some users cannot afford.

  • YouTube:

It is a free website to watch movies, cartoons, TV shows, and dramas. By posting a video or any recorded content, you can earn money by getting views, so this platform gives you entertainment and money.

  • IMDb Freedive:

It is a new movie website like other streaming sites owned by amazon. The library of this site is one the best collection of movies, dramas, and TV shows. It gives you popular movies with a massive collection of box office hits like Avatar, Mad Max, Spartan, and many more.

  • Yahoo View:

This website works with the contribution of Hulu and offers you thousands of movies for downloading and online streaming free of any expenses. Movies on this site are displayed according to categories. If you want to watch other stuff like free TV shows, documentaries, trailers, and anime, this website covers them.


Is 7StarHD a legal website?

No, not; this website uses pirated content, and piracy is a crime for not following the Google policy, and this website must be shut down.

Is 7StarHD easy to use?

Yes, it is easy to use for downloading and watching online movies from this website. You have to open the website and select a film for watching, and within a few seconds, it will be ready for a look.

What is the software required to play a downloaded movie on my system? 

No software is required to watch the downloaded movie for your system. You can entertain yourself by using the default player, which is already in your system. If the default system is not working correctly, you can download Parma Video Player or SM Player that fulfills the downloaded movie’s requirements.

What are the movie types available in 7StarHD?

There are many movies, including SouthIndian, Tamil, Bengali, and other traditional movies of respected areas.   

Does the movie download in 7 Star HD 2020 cost you a lot of data?

It depends on you what quality you selected for downloading. If you choose a high-quality resolution, it will consume more data, and if you choose a low-quality solution, it will reduce your consuming data.


We are not promoting piracy and pirated websites. Piracy is counted as a crime, and it is illegal in every way. We aim to tell others that- what is piracy and how it works?? So, users should be safe from pirated content; otherwise, they will go to jail or be fined for using the piracy website. 

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