According to the statistics shared by Hubspot, 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. So, evidently, content marketing has a major role to play in running the show for businesses. And to ensure your content marketing strategy hits the bull’s eye, there are various content marketing tools.

These days the content marketing tools have evolved to meet the requirements of the modern content marketers. Whether you’re developing new content or upgrading old, creating content for brand awareness or lead generation, there are resources that will assist you in making your content strategy successful.

Ultimately, what you decide to opt for will be based on your content strategy and priorities toward assignment help. Now, without further ado, let’s browse through some under-rated tools that can help your content marketing strategy to prosper. 


Today, it’s tough to keep track of all the social media channels out there and ensure your content is visible on all of them. In this case, Contentcal offers a perfect solution. It’s a tool that assists you in creating content for social media and supports your collaboration efforts. Creating social media content is absolutely hassle-free with this tool. 

Unique features

Some of the features of this tool include- 

  • Determining the ideal time to post on social media
  • Saving your most popular phrases from posts and your ideas and to-do lists in a single, easy-to-access place. 

Source: Contentcal


Curating the kind of content your audience is interested in is the best way to build and nurture a community of followers. Quuu allows you to share high-quality content from the categories of your choice. It offers hand-curated content suggestions you can schedule on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Unique features 

  • It comes with features like Quuu scheduler, which assists you in running content marketing campaigns.
  • The tool comes in both free and paid versions. 

Source: Quuu


Alter is an AI-powered personalised recommendation engine to include in your website, which suggests content depending on visitors’ behaviour on the web. “You only need to install a short snippet of code for your website and Alter will get to work analysing and deciphering your content and the interests and behaviour of your site visitors”, suggests Will Newman, an expert on IT assignment help from Over time, it will adapt based on the behaviours of your audience and the content available on your site.

Unique features 

  • The manual override feature of the tool allows control content that being recommended to the visitors. 
  • It studies the existing traffic and uses the details to improve business engagement. 

Source: Alter


This resource is developed to audit your website’s SEO and monitor the engagement on your content. As it tracks your content, it offers actionable ways to improve and allows you to know when anything is wrong and organises your content for better use.

This tool works behind the scenes, and its suggestions ensure that your content reaches its maximum potential.

Unique features 

  • It presents a cloud-based solutions
  • Uses a wide variety of signals and algorithms to provide meaningful insights.  

Source: Contentking


Google’s People Also Asked feature is an amazing way for people to look for the quick answers they need. The AlsoAsked tool provides a closer look into this Google feature and highlights just how each question is grouped together. 

Using the tool, you just have to enter your search term and find what questions people have asked about that topic, beginning with generic ones and getting more specific. 

Unique features 

  • The tools show the relationships between similar topics or questions
  • Provides results for longtail searches

Source: Alsoasked


This tool helps create fully responsive banners which look great on different screen sizes, and on any device. With the tool, you can design display ads in every shape or format. You can make your banner unique by adding content, colours and branding, animations, interactive elements, and CTAs.

Unique features 

  • Easy to use drag and drop editor
  • Banner generator allows you to generate a series of banners depending on a combination of text, background, and other elements. 

Source: Bannersnack


This resource doesn’t just let you get to know your audience better but also helps in content creation. Once you’ve gathered useful information from your audience, consider using it while creating an infographic or a white paper.

SurveyAnyPlace is a fun, creative tool with multiple templates to create any survey you want. You can customise your survey with your own branded logo, font and images. 

Unique features 

  • Text-only screens make the experience more conversational
  • The question skip feature leads participants to relevant follow-up questions. 

Source: Surveyanyplace


It’s n secret that consumers are more drawn to visual content. And videos that should be part of every content marketing strategy. This resource lets you automatically create a video depending on an existing blog post. It runs on an AI-powered system to help choose the right video clips to match your content.

Unique features 

  • Provides one-click customisation 
  • The editing tool is very intuitive and doesn’t require any technical skills.

Source: Lumen5


If you’re curious about the content strategy of the consumers, then the CompetitorsApp helps you do just that. It monitors your competitors’ digital activities, which includes their social media or email marketing campaigns, and what they post for content.

You just need to sign up online, input your competitors’ details, and you’ll be able to track their activities and receive email updates about significant changes.

Unique features 

  • Monitors the keywords used by the competitors 
  • Fast and reliable assistance 

Source: Competitorapp

Wrapping it up, 

Using these tools will help you devise your content marketing strategy more effectively. Are you aware of any other little known content marketing tool? Then share it with us by joining the conversation in the comments. You can also share your experience if you’ve used any of these content marketing tools before.

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