Files in portable document format are easy to share, view, and print. It is the ideal type of document to use when you plan to share them online. Its formatting will be the same, saving the recipient from encountering any issue. However, you can’t deny that editing is challenging for beginners because of the read-only feature. Fortunately, there are now online tools that can help you customize the look of the documents. 

If you want to make your files appear organized, it is best to add page numbers. GogoPDF is one of the most functional websites that you can utilize to perform this task. If you want to discover how to use it and what makes it the best online PDF editor, then continue reading.

The Process of Adding Page Numbers to PDF

The majority of people prefer to add page numbers to PDF using cloud-based tools instead of applications and software. If you are one of them, then GogoPDF is the best tool to visit. It is an excellent website that can insert page numbers in an instant by following three easy steps. For you not to feel lost when navigating the website, below are the steps you have to take. 

  1. Get The Document From Your Device

Get your phone and connect it to a high-speed internet connection to ensure that the entire process will be smooth. Then, use the browser to search for Once you reach the website and the needed tool, you have to get the document from your device to the toolbox. You may also get it from your online storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox. You can make the file available on the PDF tool by clicking the select a file button or by using the drag and drop option. However, the latter is only applicable if you are using a laptop or computer. Don’t worry if you have to submit the document within an hour because the upload time will only take less than a minute. 

  1. Select Which Part of The Document to Add Page Numbers To

After uploading the document to the toolbox, you have to select which part of the document to add the page number. You are free to place it anywhere you like such as in the upper right corner, in the middle, or the bottom left corner of the page. Choose the location based on your preference and the instruction of your professor and boss. After deciding, click the number pages button that you can see on top of the toolbox. It will take a few seconds no matter the type of browser that you are using.

  1. Share and Save The Newly Updated Document

Once the tool completes the process of adding page numbers, you can now share it with your friends or intended recipients. It will generate a shareable link that you can copy and paste on your chatbox. To show support and appreciation to the website, you may share it with your friends via Pinterest, Twitter, or Reddit. Make sure to download the newly updated document on your device so that you can easily open and view its content whenever you want. If your device can’t entertain new files due to full memory storage, you may opt to download them on your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

GogoPDF Provide The Best Online Tools and Services

During the digital era, one can’t survive without the use of cloud-based tools. But you have to think through them before deciding to use them because some of them are not reliable, safe, and accurate.  If you are looking for an online tool that can provide you with the newly updated document in just a glance without sacrificing quality and safety, then GogoPDF is for you. Below are the reasons why it is the best PDF editor today.

Responsive Customer Service Team

Since you are a new user, you might have queries and concerns that you want to address. To have the right answers, you can message the customer service team and expect that they will answer you in less than 24 hours. They are responsive and welcoming to constructive criticism because they use them as the basis of what to improve in the future. The website guarantees you a great customer service experience that other tools, applications, and software fail to provide.

The High Degree of Security

GogoPDF understands that our PDF files may contain sensitive and confidential information that other people can use against you. To prevent you from becoming an easy target of cyber attacks, it ensures that it has a high degree of security. It uses 256-bit encryption technology so that your uploaded and newly updated files will be free from unauthorized access. Aside from that, it strictly implements the 60-minute rule which states that the server will make your files inaccessible after 60 minutes. 

High-quality Results

The process of adding page numbers to your PDF is fast and easy. However, you are still probably hesitant to use it because you are afraid that it can’t provide you with high-quality results. Rest assured that the newly updated file will have the same layout and resolution as the original version. The website will not alter it in any way nor reduce its readability. 

Straightforward Interface

If you used to access software and applications, you are now probably sick of their complicated and complex interface. You found it hard to navigate and find the tools you need because a lot of things are going on the website. It is not the case with GogoPDF as it has a straightforward interface that even new users can easily use. Even without the help of anyone, you can perform the entire process in just a few minutes.  

In a Nutshell

GogoPDF can’t help you add page numbers on your documents so you no longer have to keep browsing just to find where you left off. It also gives the recipient an idea of how long your report is. This online platform is the best companion during the work from home and online learning setups.