New people are gaining access to the internet as the businesses are growing online and believe it or not, it begins their presence over the social media handles. Now, the question is that is it safe to assume that the web development profession is not going to disappear soon. But the main question is: Is JavaScript chart libraries advantageous or not? Well, cut the long story short, let us know what advantages of JavaScript are there without any further ado. 

Advantages and benefits of JavaScript

1: Trusted

JavaScript is ubiquitous and people know that fact first. It is a must that the users have seen the Java Logo in all their products and they know it works well in all circumstances. There is no need to convince people that your site is trustworthy and built well when you can display them that you are using Java. The employees also get a break when you’re using Java as it is easy to learn and even easy for other professionals who work in coding. 

2: Works on the client-side

When you’re using the website and do some interaction by tapping on any button, then you are sending a request to the server which gets processed and you will get a response too. If you click on the link as given in the article in Wikipedia, the page will start loading and take you to a new article. For instance, when you updated something on Facebook, then they didn’t reload the entire page. Moreover, if you fill up a form and then, you will get notified of some errors when you typed. All is possible through the JavaScript. 

All the above-mentioned functions are possible just because of the processing on the server-side. Furthermore, it provides less time consuming as well as a smoother experience to the users. 

3: Platform independent 

Any browser that is based on JavaScript can understand as well as interpret the JavaScript code. This is a free technology and there is no need to go through the installation of any type of configuration process. Open the browser and you can start using various parts of a webpage.

4: Easy to learn 

As we have mentioned earlier, the careers of professional web developers are on stake due to the development of WordPress and Joomla. On the flip side, these platforms are not enough to take the place of these professionals. All these CMs have a lot of issues due to which the big companies are not sure to go onboard along with these. Thus, if you want to learn web developments at ease, then JavaScript is the best option for you with jQuery plugins. It does not much time how the JavaScript works and how to use it efficiently for the site. 

We know learning is a never-ending procedure but still, a degree of simplicity is quick to learn and tough to forget as well. Anyone interested to learn JavaScript can easily start learning and would not need any specific knowledge of its concepts as well as computer skills. It is recommended to check out some online sites that provide some tools to enhance your knowledge.

5: Run multiple tasks at once

With the help of JavaScript, you can get a loop module that can run various sets of instructions in the same period. Technically, this is also known as concurrency. When you are scrolling through a site on the browser and activate the JavaScript event. It triggers the moment and stores all the information in the message queue. So, if a call back function is performed, then it will be stored in the same loop again.

Thus, JavaScript has the ability to handle more than one task within a thread. This is helpful for the programmers to not get involved in any additional programming for performing all the various applications.

6: Powerful Frameworks

It includes the laundry list of robust frameworks around the JavaScript, which boasts ready to use coding. It is easy to understand and debug the codes. Further, based on the framework, you will be able to access a plethora of features that will boost productivity by ten times.

7: It proffers procedure-based features

Although the language is easy to learn for anyone whether the background is technical or not, but still it offers all the procedural features that are making it a robust and popular language in programming. With the help of JavaScript, when you have options such as creating branches, start conditional checking, loops, and so on, then it will take your site to the next level.

Final Words: JavaScript is not a rocket science

In the end, these reasons are more than enough to use JavaScript. If you have any suggestions or information, then do not hesitate to share it with us.

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