B2B Digital Marketing During Live Events. The year 2020 has been unprecedented as the global pandemic has changed a lot and has brought in some crazy new trends in the event industry. One amazing trend is translating live event experiences into the digital and virtual realm so it can reach more people across the world. In the past, live events tend to “die” once they are over. 

The digital platforms provide us an opportunity to keep the events alive even after they are over.  Even though the year 2020 has seen an increase in virtual events, but we can surely say that live event are here to stay as humans need a connection to build relationships. Now you can repurpose live, onsite events into digital content for increased marketing, engagement, and sales. 

Ways to Integrate Digital Marketing into Live Events

In this article, we have come up with exciting ways to capitalize on digital marketing during live events leading to increasing ROI, sales, and engagement. Here are the top 4 ways to integrate digital marketing into live events to create a cohesive and strong brand presence and identity. 

Take Your Event Online 

One major aspect of B2B digital marketing is to increase your brand exposure and get your brand in front of as many people as possible. Live events limit the possibility of brand exposure due to many factors like location, budget, travel, etc. In person, you can market your brand to local traffic. But, online, you can advertise to a million people from all across the world. 

Combining these two mediums result in a massive increase in ROI and broader reach. If you are still new to this concept, consider hiring event companies in Dubai to connect your event and attendees through multiple mediums like live streaming, e-books, social media, and webinars. 

Engage Online Audience 

If you are thinking about integrating digital media to your live event, then think about offering something amazing to your online attendees. It could be an offer that they cannot refuse or a special subscription, gift cards, discount codes, etc., as this will help you increase online traffic and engagement. 

Besides offering physical things to the live event attendees like t-shirts or laptops, offer your virtual attendees digital perks to create FOMO, and increase engagement. Consider offering them free e-books, templates, printable and exclusive access to an after-party or concert. This way, people will easily give out their emails, providing value to your brand. Think of new ways to engage your customers and make memorable experiences and moments to remember your brand by. 

Consistent Branding Throughout the Event 

No matter the medium of your event – online or in-person, you need consistent branding and messaging across all mediums of the event so people can engage with your brand. When we talk about the whole event, we mean everything, including banners, marketing materials like pens, cups, dresses, notebooks, everything. The information on these objects needs to be complete, so the attendee can easily find you online. 

Be very careful when generating marketing and branding content because different branding messages may create confusion and portray your brand as untrustworthy. Another important thing to consider is keeping your branding fresh and up-to-date. If you haven’t changed your brand messaging for years, it is time to upgrade. Make sure to update your event website and apps so your online attendees can easily access them through digital. 

Capture Real-Time Moments 

When it comes to hybrid events, event hosts and planners need to provide one event with two experiences (emphasis on ONE EVENT). Why? Because most companies fail at leveraging digital marketing because their events lack in some way, which affects the experience of an online or virtual audience.  So make sure to consult professional event companies in Dubai if you are thinking about hosting a fabulous hybrid event in the UAE. 

For a successful digital marketing strategy, you need to capture real-time event moments instead of creating content from inside your bedroom. These real-time moments include keynote speakers, discussions, interviews with influencers, and live Q&A sessions. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to digital marketing, and most businesses have yet to fully harness the opportunity. By capturing real-time event moments, you have access to vast marketing content that can be used online on various social media platforms to increase engagement. Recorded media provides you with material that can be utilized months after the event is over for marketing another event in the future and to enhance your brand awareness. 

Level Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy! 

In this digital era, when it comes to live events, B2B digital marketing is essential to increase brand awareness. Thus, if you are planning to host an event, make content creation, videos, and photos a priority, and it should be just as important as networking and engagement. So, make sure to add digital medium and coverage as part of your event goals and leverage your digital presence and promote your live events on social media platforms for increased visibility. 

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