While it is accurate that slots rule gaming floors, table games are the gambling options that attract veteran players. That is so because decision-making plays a role in in-game results. In reel-spinning games, on the other hand, players have no control of outcomes whatsoever. They only press a button and wait for a random symbol combo to form. Even though blackjack is without question the table game king virtually everywhere, in the late-1990s, a new contender emerged, one that has attained significant traction with each passing year, 3 Card Poker.

Invented by Derek Webb, this game aims to mimic the pace of twenty-one while infusing player versus dealer action with poker fun. Primarily, the most popular card gambling pick’s hand ranking system. Nowadays, most US casinos that feature Class II gaming products provide 3 Card Poker. Moreover, online, the offer of 3 Card Poker sites is growing quite robust. So much so that live table providers like Evolution Gaming and Playtech have started supplying streaming 3 Card Poker games that offer much of the authenticity that gamblers can enjoy when playing this option at brick-and-mortar venues. That said, many prefer the software-based version at online casinos, as it can get played at faster speeds.

Parties unfamiliar with this thriving table gaming option who are curious about trying it out but have not yet entirely grasped its ruleset can turn to the following video guides below to pick up how to play this popular gambling game.

WinStar World Casinos Tutorial

If most laypeople and gambling experts get asked – what is the most massive casino ever? They will likely rattle off a property based in Vegas or Macau. However, the correct answer is the WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, Oklahoma, an establishment boasting a gaming floor that sprawls a staggering 370,000 square feet. Inside this area, visitors can partake in casino-style gambling at eighty-eight table games, including 3 Card Poker ones. Those oblivious to how this product works can check out WinStar’s YouTube channel, which offers a detailed, eight-minute dealer explanation on the multiple facets of 3 Card Poker divided into three sections. These are rules, scoring, and alternate scenarios.

How to Play 3 Card Poker – Vegas Aces

Heather Farris is the owner and operator of Vegas Aces, a site that labels itself as a timeless resource for casino players, dealers, and game inventors. It is a platform that has been active for more than a decade, amassing a loyal following through its regular articles and extensive courses. Vegas Aces YouTube channel has ten thousand subscribers, featuring an extensive catalog of videos. In this library, there are three 3 Card Poker tutorials. One is a brief fifteen-minute one explaining the general rules of the game. Another deals with the hand rankings the game utilizes, and there is also an hour-long live stream with a dedicated Q&A section. Each provides a decent overview of this casino poker variant. 

wikiHow’s Video Guide

Though it may seem like an old-fashioned information source, wikiHow, founded in 2005, is still very much a viable internet publication that has two-and-a-half million registered users who explore its database of 235,000 articles. Their YouTube channel has 221,000 subscribers and uploads videos regularly. The 3 Card Poker how-to video this platform produced and released in July 2021 is a short two-minute intro for their article on the same topic that goes more in-depth on this subject. Nevertheless, it is enough for anyone to get a decent grasp of the basics of the game. 

Michael Shackleford’s Explanation

Michael Shackleford is an American mathematician and actuary, better known under his public moniker – the Wizard of Odds. He discovered his love for mathematics at eleven when he began studying algebra. In adulthood, Shackleford morphed his academic knowledge into a career analyzing and forming strategies for gambling games. He has published several books on these topics and runs a YouTube channel under his legal name. There, casino gaming enthusiasts can find multiple 3 Card Poker-related videos, including a twelve-minute one where Michael gives a detailed on-table guide on playing 3 Card Poker to a beginner player.

CEG Dealer School’s Tips on How Not to Play 3 Card Poker

CEG (Casino Education Group) Dealer School is a Nevada Licensed Trade School offering casino dealer training. Its instructors have more than two centuries of combined industry experience, and they work with more than fifty-two affiliate casinos throughout North America. The CEG staff has expertise in all table games, and their YouTube channel has more than one hundred thousand subscribers. The How Not to Play 3 Card Poker video is a section from one of their Twitch live streams, and it features the instructors cracking jokes and playing dummy hands at a 3 Card Poker table.