Some signage is easier to install, whereas some others need extra care not to spoil the impact. Say, for example, handing a simple banner may not need much time or thought, but the installation of a perforated card window decal needs a bit of planning and perfect execution. To help you out with the procedure, here we are discussing a few key things to know to make it the most impactful.

Perfect installation of car window decals

Usually, car window decal making and installations are done by experts fairly experienced in this field. However, with a bit of knowledge and handy skills, you can also try to install it yourself based on your tastes. If you are attempting it by yourself, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Make it wider and taller – When making custom vinyl decals for a car window, ensure that you make it at least 2 inches wider and 2 inches taller than your car window. You may have noticed that most of the car windows are not flat. Some of them are in convex shape or a bubbled manner. So, by ensuring 2 inches extra, you can ensure that even while trimming the excess edges off, it can still give you wiggle room to account for the curved surfaces.
  • Clean your window thoroughly – Before installing vinyl decals, always clean your car window with a basic ammonia mixture (to make it, take half a cup of ammonia, half a cup of rubbing alcohol, and half a cup of water). You may fill it in a spraying bottle and spray it on to the glass and clean using a clean cloth. Any debris like bird crap, dust, or mid will not allow the adhesion process.
  • More hands, the better- You can install the decals on your own, but it is ideal to have two people around. Having to handymen will cut the time in half. Both installers will be able to stay on their side and take the measurements easily without walking back and forth or side to side to make sure things is even.
  • Start in the middle – While installing vinyl stickers, it is ideal to start from the middle and then work your way around by using a squeegee. This will give you a perfect anchor without the decal moving around while installing. Also, keep in mind that you can easily trim off the edges, but if there is a miss in the middle, the entire effort may go in vain.

When you install car window decals, first peel the backer off the decal from one corner and then attach that side to the window. This will help you to take a walk around first and do the measurements without the sign moving out.

For someone new, installing a window decal may seem to be difficult, but if you can keep these tips in mind, it can be far easier to administer the process and ensure a perfect result.

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