Rigid packaging is a contemporary packaging solution that offers protective storage and elegant presentation to your high-quality products. Crafted out of the most rigid cardboard, these boxes offer extreme protection to even fragile items like jewelry and watches. Their alluring appeal makes them a perfect solution for gift packaging. They can be customized in unlimited ways in terms of their shapes, styles, printing, and design options. Their surface feels velvety smooth to the touch which can be further adorned with different surface finishes. These boxes are highly used by modern-day brands to get a privileged position in the market. The use of rigid packaging is raising extensively all over the world convincing fresh startups to extend their business considerably to the developing sections of the world. Let us discuss in detail what factors are involved in giving them such hype and to what extent their growth is expected in 2020. 

Growth Reasons:

Before moving to the market analysis, let us explore what key factors have driven luxury packaging this far.


As the luxury packaging is customizable in all ways, this convinces the high-end brands to use them for their exclusive needs. They can be given any unique shape and style to meet certain packaging requirements. Their surface offers an ideal canvas for the portrayal of amazing graphics and matchless color schemes. Custom rigid boxes Design are printed in numerous ways to promote a specific product while building the brand image. Custom-printed rigid luxury packaging is extensively used by high-end brands to give a classy appeal to their products and stand superior among the rest of the crowd. It is used by high-end brands in makeup, fashion, skincare, clothing, jewelry, and almost every other industry. Its demand rises to the extreme, especially during gifting occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s, etc. For instance, the UK market for personalized gifts was calculated to be almost $1.3 billion in 2015, which means that the average cost per customer was nearly $47. 

Protection with Attraction:

Everything fancy is supposed to be delicate and fragile but in the case of packaging, this concept is definitely wrong as the rigid cardboard boxes offer both protection and attraction at the same time. They make everything that is packaged inside them much more worthy than it actually is while offering it the required protection factor simultaneously. Unlike flexible boxes, they are extremely rigid and are capable of protecting even the most delicate items like jewelry, perfumes, watches, and other products that demand high levels of safety. Their alluring appeal spontaneously attracts the attention of customers towards them even when they are placed on the most crowded shelf. This makes them an ideal solution for the packaging of valuable products and gives them a competitive edge in the market. 


As people are becoming more and more environmentally aware, they are opting considerably for sustainable lifestyle choicesCustom rigid boxes are made out of biodegradable products like cardboard and Kraft and this makes them an ideal choice of consumers. The recyclability and reusability of these boxes have given them a huge preference over the other packaging solutions. Brands are shifting more and more towards sustainable packaging to increase awareness of an eco-friendly environment. Especially high-end brands are the leading ones in setting this trend and they generally use luxury rigid packaging for this purpose. These prestigious eco-friendly boxes are conceived to be quite expensive but you may go for the bulk buy of rigid boxes wholesale to get them at much-reduced rates. 

Market Analysis:

Now that we know what sets luxurious rigid cardboard boxes apart from the rest of the packaging solutions available. Let us head towards their growth in the market in the current time as well as the coming future. As their demand is rising explosively in the current times, they are expected to be the star of the packaging industry in the future. 

Now coming to the analysis, in the year 2019, the luxury packaging market was valued at USD 16.65 billion. However, it is predicted to reach a milestone of USD 22. 37 billion by the year 2025 with a compound annual growth (CAGR) rate of 4.08% during the estimated period of 2020 – 2025. The market for luxury rigid packaging is witnessing immense growth, especially in the states of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. However, the largest market out of all these countries prevails in North America. The next one to lead the market in the coming times is expected to be Asia-Pacific as it is supposed to be the fastest-growing region of the world. Consumerism in this region is growing exceptionally due to the increase in industrialization and population. China is becoming the world’s largest luxury consumer and manufacturer. Its online retail market has witnessed huge growth over time which raises the demand for luxury custom boxes to a massive extent. 

The number of leading luxury packaging suppliers in the global market is expanding due to the rise in the income of the middle class and escalating infrastructure development. Their increasing demand all over the world is giving them an edge over the other packaging solutions and has made a room for them to lead the packaging market from the front in 2020 and ahead.

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