Techniques To Improve Computer Security. As technology is emerging constantly and developing the latest innovations the risk factor regarding security has also risen. Nowadays, many software is sharing users’ data to another third party app. Hackers and cybercriminals have just wait for that chance when they hinder your privacy and steal your data or personal information. At the time, when your computer security gets low then, that time is the golden opportunity for hackers and scammers to get into your system and steal your data. If you are also worried about the security of your system then, you’ve to read this composed note thoroughly. In this note, we’ve mentioned 10 top-notch techniques that empower the computer security one level-up.

1. Use different and unique passwords

Keep secure your accounts with complicated passwords and avoid using the same passwords for many accounts. Humans tend to forget passwords all the time, however, it is quite normal as well. But, this can make your system vulnerable so always try to use difficult passwords for every account. If you use the same passwords then it will be quite easy for hackers to get into your account and steal your data. Therefore, always use unique and mix of letters, numbers, signs passwords to secure your account. 

2. Launch a good Antivirus Program

If you haven’t download and installed a trusted antivirus software up till now, then hurry up and download now, otherwise, viruses destroy your system completely. Viruses are the defective program that enters in your system and makes your system vulnerable. To get rid of viruses there is only one option and which is – to install an appropriate antivirus program. When you visit malicious sites, then viruses and malware get enter your system and harms your system. So, always ensures that you should have a good virus protection software that guards you against those viruses and worms. Users can use ITL antivirus software to protect the system, it is a trusted and very effective antivirus program that enhances the performance level of the system. 

3. Use a reliable browser

Every computer user has to use the internet sometime in his life. Users can not use the Internet to its full potential without a good web browser. The web browser lets you access various sites, download software, stream videos, and so on. There is numerous web browser available in the market, some are good, some are better. You have to choose a web browser according to the specs of your computer. Using a mediocre web browser can lead your computer to a virus, malware, ransomware, etc.

4. Avoid using Public Wi-Fi

You shouldn’t use public wi-fi that is available free of cost in a restaurant, cafe, hotel, etc. Because these networks are unprotected and vulnerable to hackers. Hackers look for prey in public wi-fi because it makes their system vulnerable and easily hackable. That’s why you should avoid using a public network and if you have to use it in an emergency just use it with a VPN. 

5. Keep Drivers Updated 

The most important way to keep your system impeccable is to keep drivers up-to-date always. Outdated drivers can cause frequent failures, slow processing speed, low-security patches, and many more. On the other hand, updated and the most recent drivers ensure the more effectiveness of the system. Updated drivers can add-up more security patches to the system and also fixes other bugs that result in the decrement performance of the system. Thus, keep your system’s drivers always updated and the most newer ones. For an automatic update, users can also use any of the powerful driver updater tools to frequent updates.

6. Remove Unnecessary Programs 

There is some sort of programs and applications that have come up by default in your computer system when you had bought the system. It is not possible that all the programs and applications are important and helpful for you. Those useless programs only take a huge part of the storage nothing else. So, try to uninstall those unwanted programs and applications. But, somehow, you won’t be able to delete or uninstall some programs because of some default settings. So, in that case, there is one way to get free your system from those useless programs. Another way is to disable those useless programs. 

7. Turn-on Automatic Updates

Sometimes, we don’t get to know about the arrival of the new update. And after the arrival of a new update, we still use the old version. In that case, we lag to get the latest security features. So, to get out of this situation always ensures to keep your system’s programs on automatic update. As the new updates of the programs have released by the developer and manufacturer, then the programs get automatically updated via enabling automatic updates. 

8. Visit Trusted Website 

It is not possible that every website that you browse is secure and trusted. Many users encounter trouble with the constant prompts of random ads. But, they don’t understand why all the useless ads are constantly pops-up. All these ads prompt regularly because these are associated with the malicious site that you’ve been browsed. That means, always think twice or thrice times before every mouse clicks and browse the official websites only. 

9. Always Update your computer system

Another most crucial trick to keep your system more secure and error-free – up-to-date system or OS. The framework of any system does matters a lot as it ensures all the functionalities of that system. So, always develop a habit to keep your OS and computer system updated. On the contrary, if you avoid this important update, then it can make your system sluggish. Hence, keep your system updated all the time. And as soon as the new update will hit out, just update your system to get new security patches.

10. Keep clean your recycle bin frequently

We think when we delete the files, programs, and pictures, it has deleted completely. But, no, wake-up it is not like that, after deleting files, documents, and many more, always clean them from the recycle bin too. Keeping files in the recycle bin, those files also takes a bit of space in your storage. Hence, keep your recycle bin clean, clear, and empty always.

The above-mentioned are the best 10 ways to keep the system impeccable and more secure. Use these basic but important tips and make your system more secure.

Author Bio: Gourav Singh working as an SEO analyst and has keen knowledge about the ITL total security software which is developed by Innovana Thinklabs Ltd. He also develops, gathers, and distributes technical information. He is phenomenal to translate complex product knowledge into content that is more easily understood by users and increases traffic to the website.  You can also read such an informative guide on Innovana Thinklabs Blog.

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