Outfit Ideas to Look Stylish on Your Next Vacation. Traveling in the colder months can be quite stressful. The airports are too busy; the unpredictable weather and subsequent flight delays are always a hassle; the wintertime travel experience is never an easy one. However, the perfect winter vacation outfit makes up for it all. 

The perfect travel outfit has five components: a soft and warm shirt, a neutral jacket, a pair of relaxed pants, a comfortable pair of shoes, and a signature accessory to customize the look. If you aim to stay cozy on your trip but also look super chic and made up, you need to have these essential pieces in your suitcase. 

Are you struggling to create your vacation outfits? Look no further because the following list will do half of the work for you. Let us get started. 

  1. Basic but banger

When it comes to casual comfort, nothing quite compares to a pair of denims, a cozy knit sweater, and a pair of trusty old sneakers. You can sport this simple yet classic outfit anywhere and everywhere. However, if you are looking to make this outfit more stylish, it is wise to throw on an oversized coat.

Oversized clothing is trending, and a coat just always makes anything look better, so this is a win, win situation. If you are not a fan of coats, you can switch your look up with a jacket of your choice. Denim jackets and leather jackets pair exquisitely well with this tried and tested combination.

  1. A camel coat for all days

If you are looking to add a touch of comfort and warmth to your ensemble, throw on a toned camel coat, and all will be good in the world. This classic yet contemporary piece drapes effortlessly and pairs with anything and everything beautifully.

Camel is a much-underrated color. It possesses the unique ability to blend in with every color family and tying the whole look together. Whether it is a floral and flirty dress or a pair of workout tights and a tank top, a camel coat just looks good on everything. 

  1. Blazers to fix everything

Blazers are incredibly chic. They exude a polished and sophisticated vibe, which instantly transforms your outfit. If you are looking to add a classy touch to your ensemble, throw on a blazer; it will fix everything. 

Play with different fabrics such as suede and velvet. You could opt for a plain monotone blazer or switch things up with prints and patterns. 

Plaid blazers, a timeless classic, look incredibly chic, especially when paired with a monotone outfit. If you are someone who loves color, pair a colorful blazer with your outfit to make it more interesting. 

  1. Cardigans as safe bets

If you wish to keep things simple but wish to stay cozy, play it safe with a pair of standard denim jeans, a plain tee, a longline cardigan, and mule flats. This effortless yet impactful look is as simple to curate, as it is aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, who doesn’t love the feel of a comfy cardigan? 

The mule flats are a trendy yet comfortable pick for footwear that brings the whole look together. 

  1. Winter dream with turtlenecks 

Turtlenecks always remind us of a scene from Love Actually. They feel like a hug; what’s not to love about them? Warm and cozy yet super chic and elegant, there is just something about their fit that you cannot have enough of them. Turtlenecks are also super versatile. They pair brilliantly with anything from denims and leather pants to tailored trousers and skirts. 

Monotone turtlenecks make excellent investments. Our recommended picks would be neutral and earthy tones because you can style them in an infinite number of ways. For instance, a black turtleneck complements denims brilliantly. Complete the look with a trench coat or perhaps a blue leather jacket on top and a pair of ankle boots. A black turtleneck also looks fantastic with a pair of leather pants and a blazer. The options are endless with this one.

  1. A statement with animal print

Animal print is a statement piece that never fails to impress. If you are running out of outfit ideas and want a quick solution, pull out your animal-print coat or blouse, pair it with plain pants, throw on a pair of ankle boots, and you are ready to head out. Such is the power of animal print; it attracts all eyes away from the flaws. 

If you are looking to splurge on an item of luxury, we highly recommend getting your hands on a faux fur animal print overcoat. It screams extravagance, it looks great, and it is supremely versatile; what more could you ask for?

  1. Simplicity in monochrome

Monochrome looks never disappoint. They are easy to style, effortless to the sport, and ridiculously flattering. An essential factor to consider when going monochrome is your choice of color. Opt for neutral tones as they look the most flattering and layer beautifully. 

We suggest playing with black, white, nude, beige, soft brown, and burgundy tones for the most versatility. You can choose to go all monochrome or sprinkle on some fun with a color-breaking accent such as colored shoes, a statement belt, or a shiny bag.

  1. A trench on top

Trench coats always look great. Yes, always. Like a good friend, the trench coat is reliable. Not only does it hide all your flaws, but it also highlights your pros. They look incredible over all sorts of attire. Be it a casual pair of tights and a sweatshirt, a body-hugging skirt, and a blouse, a dress, or a suit; a trench coat works with everything. 

Invest in a classic camel trench or opt for something unconventional, like a dark green trench coat or perhaps a creamy white number.

If you are struggling to create an outfit (it is okay, we all have such days), just throw on your trench coat and cover everything up. Not only are they warm and comfortable, but they are also super flattering on all shapes and sizes.

  1. Athleisure but better

There is nothing quite as comfortable as sportswear. Athleisure is all the rage right now, so why not use it to your advantage. Pair your jogger pants with a turtleneck or plain tee and complete the look with a bomber jacket, your favorite pair of sneakers, and a baseball cap. 

Similarly, you can sport your sweatshirt with a pair of plain black tights and sneakers and a denim jacket on top. Functional, comfy, and super cute; we love a good athleisure look. 

  • Parting thoughts

Travel is fun, but it can also be a massive hindrance if things do not work out well. An uncomfortable outfit is one such thing that can ruin your entire experience. The comfort and confidence that comes with the perfect travel outfit feel incredible. Collect versatile and comfortable pieces that you can reuse and style differently. Use our style guide to make sure your next trip is the most memorable and comfortable one yet. 

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