Employee engagement and retention are crucial for every organization. Your employee is an asset for your company that plays a vital role in driving growth and business name. It is therefore important to ensure rewards to the talented employees who have achieved extraordinary results through their skills and work. Make sure that you reward your employees who have been high performers till their joining and you recognize it well. The best way to do it is by giving business gifts to your employees that are customized for them.

The reward not only appreciates the employees but motivates them to continue their struggle and hard work to contribute to the success of the company. For an organization, a hardworking and honest employee is everything. A long-term relationship therefore can also be maintained with them that help you keep a consistent growth.

Below are some creative ways to reward employees.

Wall of fame

Create a wall of fame in your company where you showcase the employee of the week or month and everyone could paste a congratulation note on board. That picture will live indefinitely at that place and will continue giving appreciation vibes to the employee.

Announce in channels

If you have established a public channel of office, announce the employee of the month where everyone could congratulate that employee with kind words and contribute to his motivation.

Custom phone cases

You can give an order of custom phone cases and other personalized items that could be in their use on a regular basis. It will keep them motivated and intact with their hard work. 

Event tickets

You can give the employees sporting event tickets when they are on leaves or out of town. Give them the chance to attend some sports events and you pay for their tickets.

Hand-written note

In this digital age, a simple handwritten note could be a source of motivation for your employees. Take out a few moments and thank them for their services to your company. 

Give small gifts

Plan small gifts for employees such as small plants, customized poems, and cups for them to use in their office tables and cabins. These customized gifts are best for employees as they give a sensation of care to your employees.

Random meals and lunches

Offer random meals vouchers and lunch budgets to the teams at your organization. Ask them to go and enjoy some good lunch from the company. It would be a very kind gesture against their hard work.

Cover commuting costs

If your employees live far away from the office, it is a better idea to pay for their commute so that it is very hard on their pocket when it comes to transportation. 

Plan cooking day

Plan regular but small events at your office where employees engage with each other and cook meals for themselves. A cooking day will increase employee engagement and give a chance to spend a work-free day. Plan TikTok merch ideas and other fun activities as well.

Plan holidays

Invite your employees to be a part of the holiday, throw a party or take them on a trip where they could freshen themselves up from a hectic routine and take a moment to enjoy their life. Such events leave a very good impact on employees and they actually enjoy the best of their lives.

Custom bags

Order custom bags with the company logo and stuff in them. The bag could contain diaries, custom water bottles, pens, etc., and give it as a gift to the employees who have shown great performance throughout the month. Nothing could be a better gift than this.

The employees can also post all the rewards they are getting from the company to their social channels and bring awareness of your company at all corners. Remember, employee appreciation and engagement never get wasted. Your employees are the driving factors of your company. So, keep appreciating your golden employee and remind them that you care for them very much.