Flipagram is virtually an online application for picture editing that enables its enjoyers to create video collages that are based on a few snapshots which they upload.

The website permits its stoners to revise or develop account data, modify and upload images, develop filters or content in the portrayals you can also develop symphony and then upload it on the Internet.

  • Write an Email

There may be several justifications due to which you will attempt to delete Flipagram account, but their assistance provider will be present to harmonize it. So only deliver them an e-mail to [email protected] and how to edit a Flipagram.

  1. Make certain to illustrate your credentials and email.
  2. Let out them that you are assuming about erasing your account.
  3. Deliver a reduction plea from your email account.
  4. The address of your email account is necessarily related to the Flipagram account which you wish to erase.
  5. There should be no bug fix in your email address.
  • Acquire a private reduction link

Formerly you have delivered them an email to delete Flipagram account, they will relapse to you in 24 hours by mailing a private reduction link.

  1. You will obtain the reduction link from the assistance provider.
  2. At the time, you simply beget to copy-paste the reduction link that you acquired in a current browser display.
  3. No, special link can be given for this task.
  4. As it alters from individual to individual.
  5. It is relevant to utilize the email address correlated with your catalog as illustrated in Step 1.
  6. Formerly you have acquired the private reduction link then see it and interpret the guidelines.
  • Process

As you have prepared your psyche to delete Flipagram account so escort ed by any more holdup just advanced towards it.

  1. Tap on the link that you acquired and search the website.
  2. They will inquire for a-bit data to continue.
  3. Empower them with all the essential data.
  4. This procedure will seize less than 1 minute.
  5. Formerly you have given all the data, a tab will unlock “Proceed to delete”, tap it.
  • Complete the form

You are expected to complete all the 6 areas in that form that have appeared. Completing this form is a condition.

  1. Your title is there in the account.
  2. The email is related to Flipagram.
  3. Your credentials of Flipagram account.
  4. The incentive for the elision of your account.
  5. Extra reaction/feedback.
  6. Verify to removal ( furthermore you are familiar that each of your Flipagrams will be completely erased with it) and then tap on Yes, to delete flipagram account + Yield at the last.
  • Conclusive step

Presently, it is a period for you to eventually do away with your Flipagram account, and this step will confirm that you are no more a factor of that account.

  1. Directly, a conference box will appear with a “thank you” cheering for enriching the application and remained a basis of it.
  2. A choice titled “YES, delete my account” will seem with an indication that once you will tap on it you will no more be apt to utilize this assistance.
  3. Formerly you have taped on “Yes” a conference box with “again” jotted down on it will seem.
  4. Only tap on it. Presently, your account will be erased within 48 hours.
  5. Forthwith, you can then discontinue the application of Flipagram from your phone as you will no more be taking advantage of it.
  6. So there is no reason in resisting your smartphone except if you retain an inkling of getting back to this application.
  7. If you require any additional support you can enter their assistance desk by calling the Flipagram assistance center.


While eliminating your account from Flipagram make certain you have glimpsed all the ‘rules & regulations deliberately.

Be assertive while eliminating your account contrarily, some virus may arrive into your procedure.