Platforms, tools, or strategies used by businesses for communicating with their target audience to make an effort to sell products or services are referred to as marketing channels. 

For instance, an apparel business could use the Facebook marketplace for promoting their new line of clothing. 

On the other hand, someone may choose to hand out pamphlets to promote their upcoming pop-up store. Today, we have infinite types of marketing channels.

Why Digital Marketing Channels?

Prior to digital marketing channels becoming widely popular, companies generally had to spend a lot on advertising, promotions, sponsorships, and whatnot. In simpler terms, you needed to spend money to earn money. Now things have changed.

It is possible to access free digital marketing channels with the help of nothing but a computer, a connection to the internet, and a passion for success. Social media, for example, has revolutionized communication.

Speaking to the population of the world was merely a dream for the average person. By employing social media marketing, anyone could build a following and set up a business with only a few bucks. Additionally, digital marketing channels are easier to scale by any digital marketing company in India

Irrespective of whether it goes to 100 or 10,000 persons, it hardly takes a couple of minutes for creating a post on social media.

Here’s a listing of the top digital marketing channels you should prioritize in 2020:

Email Marketing

When it comes to delivering highly appropriate content to the inbox of your subscribers in a way that’s non-invasive, email campaigns stand as a great way of increasing your customers as well as sales. Moreover, it allows you to stay in touch with your clients by notifying them of any upcoming event, another service, or a new product offering. 

Content Marketing

Much like email marketing, this is another greatly effective digital marketing channel for generating ROI. According to a survey report, content marketing has the capacity to generate 3x the leads for approximately 62 per cent lesser than conventional marketing. 

Leads refer to the people who are relatively likely to purchase your product to become faithful customers, with you nurturing that relationship. This is not website traffic.

Chunks of promotional content such as blog posts, video content, infographics, news, case studies, checklists, webinars, and many others are wonderful lead magnets. 

Consider the ones that are going to be the most effective in communicating with your target market on the basis of where they stand in the five phases of the buying cycle and the way they take up information.

Social Media Marketing

The newest statistics for social media marketing demonstrate that 73% of marketers think social media marketing proved to be “somewhat effective” / “very effective” for businesses. 

Further, 54% of social browsers make use of social media for researching products. 71% of customers who happened to have a favourable experience with a business on social media have been more likely to recommend that brand to their acquaintances.

PPC Marketing

As long as marketing channels are concerned, pay-per-click advertising still continues to be a strong channel, particularly with the variety of options that are currently available to businesses. 

There exists a learning curve in every platform, so in case it is possible to afford to employ an agency for PPC services for taking care of your campaigns, we would recommend that. There are two big options to choose from in the PPC world nowadays: Google Ads or Facebook/Instagram Ads. 


Often, certain businesses don’t consider their website to be a marketing channel. However, on the contrary, it is possibly the most crucial one. 

This is the place where users are going to come to if they’re eager to learn more about a business and in case they are unable to find out the answer to their question soon, they are not likely to stick around long enough looking for it. 

Your website needs to offer a decent first impression while clearly representing your company, brand, products, or services exactly in the manner that’s required.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

This kind of marketing has constantly stood as one of the top marketing channels and needless to say, this will keep going in a progressive way. 

You might brush it off when a salesperson says that you require a watch, but if a friend repeatedly mentions how much they enjoy wearing it each day with all those amazing features, anyone is going to notice. 

One of the major methods of encouraging word-of-mouth marketing is a referral program to motivate online reviews for various platforms online, such as Google, LinkedIn, or Yelp.


Today, there is a high number of online marketing channels than ever before. While this can turn out to be stressful, your all-round online presence is more connected as well. 

Everything stands hyper-connected. Hence, consistency is far more important now as you execute your business across every channel you want to engage on.

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