Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore this 2020. As the new decade starts this year, competition for businesses to stand out has never been tougher. And if you will not take seriously each trend that comes out every now and then, you will most likely be left behind in the competitive pit. 

Digital marketing has been around for several years now and has been providing a great avenue for businesses to flourish in their industries. As digital marketing is technology-dependent, it is no surprise that it has been also evolving in recent years. 

So what are trends that you should not ignore this 2020 to make sure that your brand will still stand out amidst the competition? We have gathered these trends and made a list for you. 

Digital Marketing Trends that you Should not Ignore this 2020


You may have already met several chatbots as you make your way and message a certain brand in the middle of the night, only to be surprised to receive a response within a minute after sending your message. This feature is an AI-powered technology at work, which uses instant messages to respond in real-time, either day or night. 

Many brands have already been leveraging on in this kind of technology as this makes sure that customers coming to inquire about their brand will be answered promptly and accurately. Chatbots are great for after-sales and customer service. Many brands found on Facebook have been loving this since chatbots can manage simple Q&A. 

Content Marketing

The use of a website to promote your brand has been around since then but the strategies to effectively attract customers to your website continue to emerge. One of the ways to encourage people to visit your website is through quality content. 

Over the years, consumers have become more and more sensitive to right-in-your-face advertisements and it prevents them from buying a certain product.  Content marketing is one of the most effective in terms of promoting your brand but not in a sales way. It has remained a top marketing strategy for anyone who wants to do business on the Internet. Have a deep understanding of who your target market is to have good quality content. 

Shoppable Posts

It is notable that not only technology has been continuedly evolving but consumer’s behavior as well. In modern times when everything seems to move quicker and things are done in an instant, customers are also looking for ways that will make their shopping experience a breeze. 

When the shoppable post was made available in 2019 by Instagram, it allowed users to complete their purchase without even leaving the platform. It gave the opportunity for marketers and business owners to maximize their leverage on this social media platform. 

This feature provides an easy way to convert a visitor into a buying consumer as it eliminates the barriers of having to leave the platform just to make a purchase. 


If there is more important to note as the year started in terms of advertising and promotion, it is about personalization. Personalization is the process where you prioritize and keep in mind the need and preferences of your target audience so you can deliver the product and experience. One of the consumer’s behavior to note these days is that they tend to interact with brands or businesses that can offer personalized experiences to them. 

Personalize all of your marketing strategies – produce personalized content, offer personalized products, send personalized emails and more. When you reach out to your customers using their first name, they will likely trust you and start a connection with you which can turn them into your paying clients and eventually your loyal consumers. 

Voice Search

When people have started ditching their laptops and computers and turn into their mobile devices, some have also abandoned typing to look for anything on the internet. This has been possible when voice recognition started to rise. Siri and Alexa became a household name and continue to do so. 

How can you leverage this emerging trend? Always make sure that your website is optimized for any voice search. Concentrate on your content that will make sure your website match every customer’s voice search. 

Video Marketing

The all – text type of content in your social media channels has now been slowly replaced by video content marketing and considered one of the most important trends of today. 

According to 52% of consumers, watching product videos affect their online purchase decisions and make them more confident to complete the transaction. If you have inhibitions in trying these trends, remember that video is by far the most popular way now to introduce new products to customers. 

Youtube may have dominated this trend but it is not the only platform where you can use video to drive higher engagement rates with your video marketing. You can also make video posts on your social media channels like Facebook or Instagram. 

Micro and Nano Influencers

Celebrity endorsements are now slowly fading in the limelight as many people see this kind of advertisement as artificial and fake. Over the year, the rise of influencers has also flooded the scene. But as days go by, people also started to think conspicuously on this kind of endorsement. 

This is why micro and Nano influencers have become the most effective way of leveraging in this kind of tactic these days.  Not only that they cost less but given their small numbers of followers, these influencers share a more intimate relationship with their followers. 

Interactive Content

If you still just do the usual formula of posting a picture and a copy on your social media channels, then you are doing the thing of the past. One of the notable traits of consumers nowadays is that the more they are involved in a page or site, the more they will likely pay attention to the brand. 

Many big brands are now doing this strategy by involving their audience through quizzes, polls, surveys, and live streaming. This turns to be effective as this encourages engagement from your audience and promote two-way communication with your customers. 

AR Marketing

When IKEA released Ikea Place, it allowed users to put virtual furniture from Ikea in their own homes. It helped customers make decisions during the pre-purchase and inspired a lot to get and purchase their own from the company. 

What Ikea has been using to translate its products to its audience is an example of Augmented Reality used in businesses. Many brands, not just Ikea have started using this kind of technology to enhance customer service and increase sales as well. As the global AR market is expected to rise to 70.01 billion in value, we can expect more big brands to leap on this kind of useful application which you can consider also in the near future. 

Final Thoughts

Change is integral to digital marketing. Times have changed and what used to be effective five years ago may not give you optimum results these days. 

One of the ways to make your business stand out among the competition is to leverage the changes in the digital world. Always be in the loop and always stay in the trend. Keep looking out and always strive to embrace these new trends to avoid being left behind in the competitive pit.

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