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    Coming after KS4 is delivering.

    I know a few PlastiCRYPT forum members still do not cover their eyes when I post about Dwarven Forge KSs, and a think even a few more will be glad to hear that Dwarven Forge terrain goes back underground for 2017.

    I have taken part in DF’s KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4. I like my city pieces and do have a small amount of castle pieces coming but I personally enjoy the settings of caverns and dungeons more than cities and castles, all though I did get a large amount of sewers from KS3 and am really looking forward to getting my large amount of mountain pieces when KS4 delivers.

    So to those of you who like Dwarven Forge in you games and are interested in a return to the dungeon here are some teaser pictures.

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