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    Check on Minisgallery, Berk has already posted comparison photos. And Gallant Goblin will have his video review up soon, I really recommend checking his youtube channel – he is easily the best mini reviewer I have seen, using fixed cameras and rotating stands and great close up shots, plus he discusses creature CR and origin, and shows case distribution.
    Prices on MM and T&T and CoolstuffINC are pretty high for the three large/huge rares, and going up (except Trobriand)… so is Halaster too, and the Beholder Zombie goes for 20$ despite being an uncommon.
    Oh and btw, Berk just informed us that you can remove the spell effect (runed magic daggers) from Halaster’s base, it is a separate piece!

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    My order from Auggie’s arrived this evening. They were rather poorly packaged, with little padding, and my Balor has a wing broken off, and one of my beholders is broken off its flight peg (the peg snapped just below the mini).

    They weren’t sent in the protective molded plastic blister packaging the Large+ mini’s are usually encased in within the product packaging. They had been taken out of those and just wrapped in paper.

    Not very happy about that, though we’ll see how Auggie’s is about fixing the issue.

    Other than that, the mini’s themselves are awesome.

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Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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