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    I just noticed that the first Ravnica starter set appears to be coming with a Loxodon. I think it would be interesting to list PC races (or variants of races) that haven’t been produced in a PPM yet, or haven’t to your satisfaction.

    If you have suggestions, include the desired edition (if applicable), and anything that might make a good proxy.

    I’ll get the ball rolling:

    Firbolg (D&D 5e)
    Proxies – Goliaths?? (not ideal)

    Loxodon (D&D 5e)
    PendingGuildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica Companion Set 1

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    I think that most of the traditional humanoid races have been covered pretty well. For example, I even have a full complement of warforged and dragonborn minis, which to me are fairly outlandish races.

    I’d think I’d rather see a few of the lesser established existing humanoid races fleshed out with more classes than to introduce new races. The Kenku/Tengu and Catfolk lines could both use some love (and variety of classes). I’d even like to see some other Duergar classes, right now we only have fighters or slavers.

    There are even some Monstrous Humanoid races I’d like to see built out more. While there are several Grimlock miniatures, they aren’t the best quality and they are all Basically Barbarians. While that is the Grimlocks favorite class, I think we could use a Rogue, a Shaman and some sort of leader. The same goes for Quaggoth. The War Drums figure is decent. I don’t know what happened to produce the Rage of Demons version. But we sure could use some more variety in classes.

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    Wow, Grimlocks & Quaggoths? That must have been back in 3.5.

    I would also say Goliaths need more classes. Even the ‘cleric’ just looks like a barbarian.

    I agree that the Dragonborn are much better covered now, especially with the Nolzur’s line. It’s notable, though, that WK have not yet covered unpainted versions of any of the other races we have mentioned (Firbolgs, Goliaths, Warforged, Kenku/Tengu, Catfolk/Tabaxi, Grimlocks or Quaggoths). They keep cranking them out, though, so I guess there’s hope.

    Unfortunately, looks like I can’t edit the original post. I was hoping to compile a list, wiki-style. Dang.

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    I’ll check in to editing.

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