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    I’ve been running this site for a very long time, and it has become apparent that I cant get it back to its former glory. After an extensive hiatus and failed backup and transfer, and zero control over the coding I’m looking at retiring plasticrypt.

    When the renewal comes up, I’m just going to let it expire. And, soon I’m just going to have this address forward to minisgallery.com he’s doing a good job over there on tracking sets.

    My best to all of you that have come this far, I hope the hobby will persist for many years to come.

    Best, Jey/greyhaze.

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    plastic finn


    This is sad news. And while saying that, I completely understand where you’re coming from. It’s tough enough to run a project of this size with all the attention and work it requires, let alone with all the obstacles you’ve had to deal with. I want to express my thankfulness for everything you’ve done for this hobby (both collecting and DDM skirmish)! This site has been tremendous in many ways and your friendly, thoughtful personality has shone through.

    So THANK YOU. I wish you all the best and nothing but, Grey.

    – Antti/P.F.

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    Pinky Narfanek


    It’s been a hoot, Grey. I’m sorry to see it go, but such is the way of the world.

    I appreciate everything you’ve done for us over the years!

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    Totally get it and all best greyhaze. Keep enjoying the plastic crack gang.

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    most of the cool kids came over here when MaxMinis died.
    Although I rarely posted, I truly enjoyed the banter in the chat window.
    Always hoping some of the old guard would pop back in.
    (Ghendar, Redskullz, Wolfgang, etc.)

    Hope you continue your DCM line. Best of luck all, and if we ever cross paths in meat space, lets have a pint!


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    I was sad to read the news but i just discovered that the minisgallery forum is actually a different site. All this time i thought that clicking on the “forums” section would get me here on Plasticrypt and hadn’t tried that button out.

    I am cheered up that we have another place to chat for our PPM and will be happy to see you folks around there.

    A big thank you to Greyhaze for all the efforts on keeping this place up and running all these years and wish you all the best.

    See you guys over at the minisgallery forums!!

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    Jey/Greyhaze, Thank you so much for your time in running PlastiCrypt. It was a much needed resource when MaxMinis ceased. Fan sites like yours really helped me fuel my interest in collecting pre-painted minis and eventually inspired me to create a gallery site for Pathfinder Battles minis.

    I will do my best to keep the forums and galleries up and running to the standards our fellow fans enjoy. Jey, It would also be great to see you posting on the Minis Gallery forums, as your thoughts and opinions have always been held in high regards.

    For those not familiar with the Minis Gallery Forums, you can find them here:

    (Note: I will be doing a major update to the site in 2 months that will greatly increase user experiences which will include a searchable database and printable checklists).

    Thanks again Jey, and as always we will be happy to help support and promote any of your future Dungeon Crawler Minis projects.

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    I’m not quitting the hobby, and will certainly post. You’re doing a great job kor, happy to pass on the torch.

    Thanks all. 🙂

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