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    Hi everyone,

    looking for last several minis (best with cards, but missing card is no problem too):

    Dangerous Delves:
    Banshrae Warrior
    Chain Devil
    Bonechill Chimera (?)
    Githzerai Zerth

    Concord Illidith
    Iron Dragon Prowler

    Legendary Evils

    Lords of Madness
    C´tallum (?)
    Elder Blue Dragon
    Neogi Great Old Master

    Savage Encounters
    Bullywug Mud Lord

    Plus some might haves
    promo Raistlin Majere
    Air Archon Zephyrhaunt
    Nightwalker (Savage Encounters)
    and some rares from new Wizkids DnD series.

    Also looking for maps from Fantastic locations series, especially Hellspike Prison

    Open to buy, but also have tons of minis (mainy from older Wizards series) for trade.
    Located in Czech republic, but 3-4x / year have chance to pick up minis in USA.

    Please, help me to finish my collection! 🙂
    Thanks everyone.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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