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    ()Well in an effort to get some funds for the upcoming Comicon convention i have decided to get rid of some minis. It was not an easy decision, but i have decided since i have not even got to play one game(even with showing local SW fans the minis), have decided that my SWMSSB collection is going on the chopping block on ebay.
    Up for auction is pretty much every miniature for the set broke up into lots. Included is the following lots of minis:
    11 Rebel/Republic Rares
    12 Imperial/Trade Federation Rares
    2 identical lots of 38 Imperial/Trade Federation UC/C
    2 Identical Lots of 45 Rebel/Republic UC/C
    Mixed lot of 26 Rebel/Republic/Imperial/Trade Federation UC/C

    Shipping is $8 for as many lots as you win. I am going to reduce the shipping 50% ($4) for any Maxminis/DDMspoilers winning bidders!!” onclick=”;return false;

    Be sure to check out my “other items” to see all 7 available lots. Check out my great feedback while you are there! 🙂

    Woohoo I am winning on all your auctions. Probably wont last long but who knows.

    *ye should list on gamerzauctions too* :ayyy:

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    Thanks for the bids and good luck!
    I have considered listing them on your auctions site, i just get concerned that i wont get a good price, as the site is new and not well known. Ebay tends to get me very good ending prices, but it sure is getting expensive to list items there.

    @redskullz wrote:

    as the site is new and not well known.

    Well with a new 400.00 ad campaign this should not be a problem soon :dance:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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