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    I was looking for a green dragon pic when I found this render

    Then I went on and searched for “NarraSoft Dungeons Dragons” on google and found a lot of 3d renders for both released and unreleased miniatures. It seems this company does most of the digital sculpts for Wizkids

    Do you think Wizkids is planning chromatic dragons huges or gargantuans? 😁

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    Nice find!
    The cyclops is “Borborygmos” from Magic the Gathering.
    He is huge size in the “Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica” book which leads me to suspect there might be another Ravnica miniatures set with huge miniatures or there will be a wave of unpainted MTG minis similar to Nolzur’s sculpts.

    I hope they do make huges for Ravnica because there are some interesting creatures there.

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    By the Gods I hope that Green and White Dragon are upcoming Huges or Gargantuans….WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON WIZARDS?!?!

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    Amen to that. There were a few ‘size upgrades’ of monsters in the move to 5th, and the big two were giants and adult dragons which both became Huge. The giants are well covered now, with plenty of Huge giants, both male and female. But not a single new Huge dragon since the start of 5th edition in 2014. The last three Huge dragons from WizKids were for Pathfinder: the Red & White from the collector sets (2013) and the Black from Heroes & Monsters (2012). You have to go back to Lords of Madness in 2010 for the last new Huge dragons for D&D. That’s over 8 friggin’ years!

    Okay. That’s my Huge dragon rant.

    As for the Cyclops, I was kind of partial to the 4e look, and underwhelmed by the MM3 version (minis that don’t fill their bases–rant for another time), but man, if you’re going to size up the Cyclops, this is the way to do it!

    Finally, is that shark a Meg??

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    Nice find!

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