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    The Reclamation figures from Crown of Fangs were fantastic. I’d personally really like to see a set of these guys released. idk what rarities, but maybe even without the sky cavalry;

    x1 Cavalry
    x4 Infantry
    x2 Knights
    x1 Squire

    Awesome set of figs, just like the Gray Maidens.

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    They were nice indeed, there are so many mini sets that i would love to see released sometime!

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    I went out of my way to accumulate an army of reclamation Knights.

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    I got a bunch of these when they were new. I have 3 of the knights, 2 Infantry, and 3 or 4 squires, plus one each of the mounted guys. They really are great miniatures.

    I’d really like PF to re-release a “battle set” or “encounter set” of the Grey Maidens. I only have one that is wearing a helmet, and I NEED more soon, as I’m in the middle of running the first module of the Curse of the Crimson Throne AP. But they are SO DAMN EXPENSIVE as individual mini’s ($6+ each).

    Thankfully the Pathfinder Deep Cuts unpainted line has sets of 2 for ~$4.50. I preordered like five sets (10 mini’s), and hopefully that pre-order will ship out in the next week or so (still waiting on one pre-ordered item to “come in stock”… which is already in stock at other vendors…) Then I’ll have to quickly learn how to paint them well, so I’ll have them ready for use in about three levels (my PC’s just hit level 3).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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