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    Whether you are a DM or a player, how does your game’s party of good guys look like on the table?

    With me (DM) it’s like this:

    Male Human Cleric / Player’s Handbook Heroes #15: a male human paladin
    Human Paladin / Tyranny of Dragons #8: another male human paladin
    Human Ranger / Icons of the Realms Starter Set #48: female half-elf ranger
    Male Half-Elf Bard / Player’s Handbook Heroes #9: male half-elf rogue
    Drow Archmage / Rage of Demons #23: male drow wizard

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    Ha-ha! Gotta reply to this, since the cast of characters I’m currently DM-ing is kind of funny:

    Gnome Trickster (Blood War)
    Goblin Skirmisher (Dragoneye)
    Halfling Archer (Demonweb)
    Halfling Enchanter (Desert of Desolation)
    Halfling Paladin (Dungeons of Dread)
    Halfling Ranger (Archfiends)
    + Hyena (Harbinger)
    Halfling Rogue (IOTR)
    Halfling Sneak (Underdark)
    Lightfoot Halfling Rogue (IOTR Epic)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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