WordPress is a very popular CMS that helps with developing everything from blogs to e-commerce websites. With the future being touted as digital, most companies now have their websites and hence require Content Management Systems, such as WordPress. Top WordPress development companies, like Xornor Technologies help in powering most of the world’s small and medium enterprise websites. Studies have shown that WordPress powers almost 33% of all sites on the market, having captured above 60% of the CMS market. Since it is so popular, top WordPress development companies have had a lot of work coming their way in the last couple of years. But why do you need to hire a WordPress Development Company? In case you aren’t sure why here’s, a look at how hiring a WordPress development company can help both your business and website.

Why People Prefer WordPress?

  1. Incredibly easy to use, thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface
  2. Highly flexible, which makes it suitable for both small and large-scale operations
  3. Backing and promotion from top companies like Skype, IBM, Yelp and Reuters which use it
  4. Open-source platform and hence is very cost-effective and affordable.
  5. Presence of a wonderfully supportive community that helps with problems and issues
  6. Powerful, drag and drop site builders that are geared specifically for WordPress, most notably elementor.
  7. Offers various themes, templates and plugins
  8. One-stop solution for all your website development needs
  9. It is exclusively easy to set up.
  10. More than 75% CMS market is covered by WordPress.
  11. Extremely easy to manage. 

Some of the biggest advantages of wordpress are mentioned below: 

· Cost Operative and Elastic: As compared to other CMS and website builders, WordPress is very cost effective.  It allows you to choose various drag and drop options from the variety of themes and plugins. The biggest advantage of WordPress is it is flexible and it uses the free licensed server software.

· Multi-User Capability: In WordPress websites you can easily give access of your website’s admin to by making them a new user of your website. For example: You have a blogging website, and you want to publish the posts provides by other users your website. In this case we all know that how much it is annoying to see your inbox full of content posting mails. In this case, you can easily set up the limitations for the new registered users or for the users going to sign up and post content on your blog. This will save users as well as yours a lot of time.

Why A WordPress Development Company is Needed

Though WordPress is quite intuitive and easy to use, you might still need professional help sometimes. Top WordPress development companies will help you unlock the full potential of this CMS. Now, in WordPress you can make any website weather it is based on E-Commerce or any other Informational Website and Companies Websites. Furthermore, since the platform continually changes, it is good to have people with in-depth knowledge on your side. Therefore, to leverage the true potential of WordPress, you might have to hire a professional WordPress development company. Such professionals will be able to guide you concerning SEO, site maintenance and even drive more traffic. There are numerous of benefits of hiring a Professional WordPress Development Company like. Now, let us look at the benefits of hiring a WordPress development company.

Benefits of hiring a WordPress development company

· Technical support: Hiring a professional WordPress developer will help get high-end technical support for your website. Therefore, everything from plugin installation to site development and maintenance will now be a cake-walk for you, thanks to them. Furthermore, such development companies can also help teach your immediate staff how to troubleshoot common problems. 

· Adept Customization: Since all major companies now have a website of their own, the World Wide Web is filled with sites. Every day countless new sites get added to this list, making it difficult to stand out. By using standard themes and design parameters, you run the risk of sinking into the background. This is where customization becomes essential. An experienced WordPress developer will be able to guide you through the process of customization, making it easier for you to stand out and be unique. 

· Provide User Analysis: A good WordPress development company will have enough experience to know exactly what users want. Therefore, they will be able to provide you with startling insights that will help you understand your customers better. Such developers make adjustments to your website based on the knowledge they have, helping you analyze and understand your customer-base from a different angle. 

· Sound Advice: Hiring a good WordPress development company guarantees that you will always have someone to fall back on. Since they have been in the field for so long, such companies will give you sound advice to improve your performance, increase traffic and better conversion and engagement rates. They will also be experts when it comes to using Google Analytics and Search Console and hence will give significant insights regarding your website’s performance. 

· Secure and Confidential: WordPress developers know that data related to your website and company is confidential and will hence be very careful with it. They secure our Content of our website and also keep it Confidential. Therefore, there will be less chance for mismanagement of data and security risks. 

· Efficient and Effective planning: Hiring a good WordPress development company will help you develop your website efficiently and effectively. Therefore, your website will be made in less time and with fewer resources, making the entire process more productive. They also deliver high-quality work, which requires fewer modifications and re-work. 

We hope this article helps to highlight the benefits of hiring top WordPress development companies, such as Xornor Technologies. It is also evident now that businesses need to invest in having an excellent website to promote their products and better their brand image. Also, to create an efficient website that helps you sell your products and services, you need to invest a little in it. In case you need any help with doing these things, hit us up and let us help you better your prospects.

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