This post will cover the different  Swai Fish recipes that you can make. Swai fish is extremely healthy and now you can enjoy it in a variety of ways.

Swai, sometimes just labeled as catfish, is from Southeast Asia, particularly from Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia.

To know if the inexplicably cheap catfish you are buying is actually swai, check the packaging or ask the fish monger where it came from. If it’s anywhere in this region, it’s most definitely swai. It is fished from the rivers around this region and sometimes labeled the same as US catfish. So what are some good swai recipes?

Swai is a white fish that can be cooked in many ways so there are a lot of swai recipes available. But how do you know if they are good ones? You can always look for ratings or reviews of recipes online to see what other people thought of it, or you can ask your friends and family what they thought of a particular recipe. Or you can always just try it and see if you like it. But how about taking more control over what you eat by creating your own recipe?

Creating Your Own Swai Recipes

A lot of swai recipes cook the swai in the same ways, but they use different spices or sauces, since it is a mild fish and takes well to both. The first decision you have to make is how you want to cook it. Do you feel more comfortable at the grill?

Do you like to put things in the oven and forget about them until they’re done? Or do you want to pan fry it? There are a lot of ways to cook fish, it all depends on what you’re most comfortable with or what you’re in the mood for. Now we can start filtering the swai recipes.

Do a quick search for ‘grilled swai recipes’ or ‘pan fried swai’, whichever method you chose to cook your swai. Flip through some of them and look at the ingredients. Do you have the ingredients for these recipes? Do any of them sound particularly good? You’re just looking for ideas right now. We’re going to be creative and create our own recipe!

You have to decide whether you are going to go with spices or with a sauce. Spices in a swai recipe are a little easier than making a sauce unless you go with a store bought sauce, which is easy to do if there’s a store nearby. First, we are going to talk about spices in swai recipes.

Swai Recipes with Spices

If any of the spice combinations that you saw in the swai recipes you looked up earlier sound good then write those down. You may want to use those in your swai recipe. Good combinations of spices to use for a white fish include garlic and herbs, lemon and herbs, and garlic and lemon. However, you can kick things up a bit with some spicier stuff if you’d like. You typically don’t have to marinade the fish because the fish will absorb the flavors very quickly while it’s cooking.

Swai Recipes with Sauces

Now, we are on to sauces. I’m assuming you are using a store bought sauce for this recipe, but if you’d like to create a sauce yourself there are plenty of fish sauce recipes available online with a quick search.

Try spicy ones, also sweet ones, and some herb ones work well, too. Cook the fish most of the way through before adding the sauce. You can add it into the pan if pan frying it, or you can brush it on with a sauce brush if using the oven or grill.

If pan frying, and making the sauce yourself, you may be able to make the sauce right in the same pan as you are cooking the fish in, but be careful with these swai recipes as the fish is fragile and you don’t want to break it into pieces. Be sure to get both sides, if possible.

You are heating up the fish the rest of the way through and also heating up the sauce at the same time. Once the fish is done, it will be ready to plate. If you add the sauce too soon, the sauce may burn.

Now that you’ve cooked the swai fish with your great homemade recipe, it’s time to decide how to serve it. Fish goes great with a great big spoonful of rice. Season the rice as you’d like, complementary to the spices or sauces you used on the fish.

Try a side of asparagus or carrots with herb butter even. You can also break up the swai and serve it in fish tacos. Many fish taco recipes call for swai because you can season it with a lot of flavor for the tacos. Serve with lots of lettuce and salsa, and your favorite corn or flour tortillas. Some swai recipes also use the fish to create fish chowder.

It’s a great fish for this because it is so mild. Many people use a combination of fish types in their chowder but you can just use one if you’d like.

As you can see, there are many ways to cook and serve swai fish so don’t just take the swai recipes you see online or in your favorite cook book at face value. Try mixing things up a bit by creating your own recipe and see just how creative you can be in the kitchen with this inexpensive and tasty delicacy. You may just be surprised at what you can come up with and you might just have a few fans waiting for your next great meal!

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