Decorate Your Bookshelf during Quarantine. The work from home routine is a popular trend on every other media channel now. Even bankers are operating from their comfort zones with an increase in the number of cases every day. Many individuals are taking a break from medical and news websites. Rather than checking on the daily Coronavirus cases, why not do something stress-free?

It is good to know about the country’s conditions; however, you must not dedicate your lives to stress, depression, and anxiety. It is better to indulge in activities that can make you productive and help you relax. While you are facing lockdown in the country, and cannot step out of your comfort zone, focus on it a little more.

You may never get enough time to declutter your house appropriately. Everyday busy lives make it difficult for people to dedicate plenty of hours to the place of living. However, while you are spending your time in your comfort zone, why not organize and decorate your bookshelf?

Is Decorating Your Bookshelf Worth It?

You can find online coupon codes from leading brands and avail disinfectants, cleaners, sanitizers, facemasks, and much more. Every one of us is maintaining safety from the virus. Nonetheless, there is not much to do than staying home.

People are frustrated with the lockdown condition. Some of the people on your social media account are getting bald while others are trying new hairstyles. Also, you can find people cooking, writing, and dancing. Likewise, many of your acquaintances are cleaning their homes.

Therefore, book lovers and all those with messy home libraries can work on their bookshelves and find interest in their study area.

Tips for Decorating Your Bookshelf

Organizing bookshelves can be delightful or annoying. You can sort your books and make your study area appear spacious. It may be a time taking process for you yet; you will enjoy the after-effects of a clean and tidy room. 

Arrange the Initial Items

  • Start with emptying your bookshelf. Once it is empty, focus on some non-book objects for adding style on your shelves. You can add everyday items from the house and make a statement with these. Consider placing an aloe plant, a fishbowl, artwork, a mirror, or decoration pieces. Do not clutter your shelf and with these items.
  • Keep all the books and magazines in your cabinet by maintaining the attraction of it. Prefer adding multiple-sized books together. You can keep them in an odd number as a group of five or three books. Also, it is possible to combine the same genres to make it easy to find items.
  • Place baskets in your bookshelf for making it look different and organized. There are numerous types of baskets you can consider for keeping items. If you wish to remove clutter and hide unnecessary objects like yarn, sharpener, small pencils, and more, you can keep a big shelf size basket. Also, a tray will be preferable if you are planning to keep books only and make sure they are visible.
  • Add decorative and unique bookends or mini artifacts on the top of books. You can place a mini globe or a small statue that can fit in your bookshelf. Another option is to add a bowl-shaped basket with sparkle balls, pebbles, or similar items on the top of a magazine set.

Arrange All the Books

  • An organized person will love the idea of arranging the books as per their genre and category. You can sort all the types of books in your collection and dedicate a shelf to each. For example, group up fiction, non-fiction, general knowledge, course books, and magazines.
  • For a better understanding of the books and finding them quickly, arrange each shelf in alphabetical order. Focus on the author’s name or book title and arrange accordingly.
  • You can also place your sad romantic books category on your bookshelf. Sort out books and analyze your count for the types of shades you have in magazines and books. Manage warm books in one section and the smoother colors in other parts. You can keep unique colors together for a better look.
  • It is necessary to stay traditional while arranging the books and place them in a regular uniform manner. You can stack some books or bunch up into a pile and make a difference in one or two portions of the shelf.
  • Remember, larger books look better at the bottom of the bookshelf. For keeping it organized and maintained, place smaller books on the top. Grouping items as per their size will make the shelf look spacious. 
  • In case, there is little space left in the section; you can prefer leaning the Best Books for Starting a Business against its wall and fill emptiness without creating clutter. It will look attractive and help the shelf look better.

Decorate Your Bookshelf

  • Place some decorative panels on the back of your bookshelf. You can measure the size of each section and cut out a piece of fabric, wrapping paper, wallpaper, or drawer liner. Use adhesive wherever required and stick the paper accordingly. Also, you can use double-sided foam tape on four corners of the paper.
  • Add a ribbon that equals the width of the shelf. You can utilize it to hide the edges of your bookshelf and make it look better. It is also preferable to use scrapbook tape for being more creative. Select your favorite colors for the tape and decorate each section differently.
  • Hang battery-operated lights or an artificial flower garland on the top of the shelf. Stick the tape on each corner and drape the lights or garland on the shelf as per its length. You can also add lights in each section of the bookshelf for a better look.

Final Thoughts

These are some ideas through which your bookshelf can look attractive and tidy. Make it look better and help your house library look spacious. An organized shelf will contribute to the overall look of your house and help you spend time in quarantine. Make the most of your lockdown days.

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