Sometimes you don’t know you need a certain app until you see it. It can be a language learning app, a note editor, an innovative to-do list or a timer – whatever. So, where can you learn more about the apps you may need? There are many ways to stuff your smartphone with tools for a better life through mobility.

Official App Stores

It’s probably the safest and the easiest way to get new apps. On Android smartphones, there is Google Play (unless they are as Chinese as oolong tea). On iPhones, there is always App Store. On these stores, there are charts, recommendations, and user reviews. If you like an app, you can install it. What can go wrong?

Indeed, a lot. Zoom, a top video conferencing app, can get downrated by Chinese kids who don’t like remote education, and Google Pay suffers from Russians expressing their disappointment with the consequences of war in the wrong place. Developers describe their apps as all rainbows and unicorns. So, it’s hard to tell the best of the best.

Guide Sites

If you think your phone needs a bunch of new apps (it usually happens as you buy a new one or even switch your platform), you may want to read what’s new in the app world. Sites like can help you find great apps within any given category. Players? Office apps? Organizers? Mail clients? Messengers? Maps? Education? Yes, all of these, and games too!

On these sites, you will find curated app lists that contain:

·      ratings, less biased than those on markets;

·      descriptions and reviews;

·      screenshots;

·      pros and cons;

·      direct links to app markets for your platform.

Within a category, there are alternatives, so you can look for an alternative right there.

Your Friends

Hardly you speak with friends mostly about apps unless you are pros or fans. The advantage of this type of communication is that your friends’ recommendations are way more relevant to your needs. Usually, you speak directly about your problems (business, health, personal life, education, etc.), and if your friend knows a helpful app, they may recommend it to you. Explanations and basic support are often included.

It’s not the perfect way, either. First, tastes differ. Second, you have lots of topics to talk about besides mobile apps. If you have a geeky friend, though, it’s your best source of info about new apps and services.

Ads Within Apps

Annoying as they are, these ads sometimes bring in something you may like. A business organizer, a puzzle or an arcade, a personal finance manager, or a video editor for social media with filters and stickers – they all need an audience. So, they are often advertised within other apps that you don’t want to pay for and thus stick with ad-supported versions. You may consider most of these ads useless unless once you see a game or an app you didn’t know you needed.

So, where do you prefer to learn about the apps you need? A good selection of apps makes your life better. With a good source of information, you will save your time and make a wiser choice.