A video doorbell is what you need in the present day. No matter where you live, whether it is a house, an apartment or even a condo; the Ring video doorbell has one that fits any home. Ring video doorbells have been the pioneers of the video doorbell market, with several models now available. They are available in wired options as well as battery-operated ones. 

The best part of having a video doorbell is getting to see what’s going on outside your door, and the Ring Video Doorbell allows you to view the video feed – or better yet answer the door, and see and speak for yourself with whoever it is, from anywhere using just your smartphone. Sound too good to be true? Well, it is! And that’s not all, the Ring Video Doorbell boasts plenty of useful and brilliant features that you can read on below. 

Why Get a Ring Video Doorbell 

The Ring Video Doorbell is connected wireless and remotely to our laptops, tablets and smartphones through its Ring App. With the app you can access the video feed, and answer your door with its two-way audio feature as we previously mentioned above, from anywhere, at any time. Check the video feed at any time of the day from the app as well – there’s no restrictions on that, and get notifications straight to your devices whenever someone’s at the door. Notifications also include a photo preview of what triggered the alert in the first place, so that you don’t have to necessarily open the Ring App to check. 

That’s not all though, the Ring Video Doorbell features motion detection that triggers alerts that are sent to your devices. So even if someone hasn’t rung the bell and is at your front porch, you’ll receive a notification – like the neighbor kid who occasionally steals your plants.

The Ring Video Doorbell is quite simple to install by yourself, DIY style. Some people have said it took them all but 15 minutes to install and set up the video doorbell. Read below on how you can install the Ring Video Doorbell yourself.

How to Install

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how you can install a Ring Video Doorbell by yourself. But remember, there is no harm in calling in a professional for help because dealing with wires is a tricky thing and not something a lot of us can handle.

Step 1
In order to remove your existing doorbell, you must switch off the power to your doorbell through the central breaker. Once that is done, remove the doorbell and disconnect or unplug the wires from the device.

Step 2
The next step involves attaching the mount to the wall. Place your mount on the outlet space and mark spaces where it needs to be screwed in. When that’s done, place the mount and fix it into the wall with its screws. 

Step 3
Make sure the power supply to the doorbell outlet is still shut because the next step involves installing the device onto the mount but before that the wires must be connected to the device. Connect the wires to the device with the correct ones in place.

If you find yourself in a tough spot, call in a professional.

Step 4
Placing your device into the mount is the next step. Position the device on the mount with the right slots behind the device itself. Use a little force to push the device into the mount. When it’s placed into the mount, there may be an extra screw or two that need to be screwed in so that your device stays fixed onto the mount. 

Step 5
Once the device is placed into the mount and screwed in, consider it installed! Now all that needs to be done is configuring the device using the Ring App and then your Ring Video Doorbell is ready to use!

Installing a Ring Video Doorbell is quite simple, but should you require any assistance, call in a professional! Some doorbells are wired while the battery ones require you to change the battery every now and then. However, these devices are great to up your home security game, with its remote access and live video features. Watch over your home from within the premises, or while you’re out. It’s convenience and safety all in one.