Are you getting annoyed by the sluggish internet because of the TV internet? To give money for bad signals exhausted you? Want to make a homemade TV Antenna Booster. If you are in search of a simple procedure to form a TV antenna Booster, then you are at the perfect site.

If the model of your TV is new, you are going to possess all things that you require. Therefore, You don’t need to purchase a costly TV tuner. Roughly it will take 15 minutes to make an antenna. Observe the guidelines as described below about How to Make Homemade TV Antenna Booster.

  1. Collect the Materials

First of all, the equipment required to form an antenna should be collected.

  • Remote and TV.
  • Coax cable. Most of the masses used spare. If you don’t have this, you can purchase it at a low cost.
  • Electrical tape, any kind of tape can use but the preceding one is a good option.
  • Use painters tape if you wish to save your paint from shrugging off the wall.
  • Aluminum foil or tin foil.
  • Duct tape.
  • Cut the Cable

The cable can be shaved by interpreting the described method.

  • Get a cable and reduce it in two pieces. This helps you to form two antennas.
  • Now, bring out the internal insulation. Save yourself from being cut down. Metallic shields need to be saved from cutting.
  • This metal shield needs to turn to form a wire.
  • Copper wire requires getting surrounded by turns of insulation coil.
  • Bring out the white insulation.
  • Make the Antenna

It requires your skills to form an antenna.

  • Two designs are available and you can select either which you like.
  • The first style involves the connection of endpoints while in the second, they are not connected.
  • It doesn’t assure which one is more adequate mostly the non-connected one gets more channels. The connected one looks to get less channels. But the last-mentioned is more reliable and doesn’t give out much. However, it will be decided by you to select the procedure which you like.
  • You can also make your own style, for instance, the light shade can perform in a good way.
  • Boost TV antenna signal aluminum foil DIY TV antenna using Coax Cable

Next, you need to connect the aluminum foil carefully.

Connect the foil to the ends of the cable, and get assured that these do not short.

  • Connect it to the cable with tape so it will stay at a place without going to fall off.
  • This is the place cableTape the foil to the wall with tape. Connect it to the TV

In other words, The latest versions of TV contain a tuner on the internal side. But in the case of old models, you need to purchase a tuner. Interpret the given guidelines to connect it.

  • Connect the coax cable’s untrimmed ending to the TV and then switch it on.
  • From the given options, select the version of TV.
  • Press on settings or Menu on the remote.
  • You need to search out the CH Search or EZ Setup, in the Settings menu.
  • Next, you need to select Antenna or Air. Albeit, you have combined the cable, signals will be caught by the antenna from the air.
  • Make your TV to search the channels and the proceeding continues for a short time.  You don’t require to stride the antenna or even skim it.
  • Now, free of cost and uninterrupted TV is present to see whatever you want.
  • Get Better Signal and More Channels

To get additional channels with improved signals, follow the given step

  • The Signal setup option is present in some TVs. It informs about the quality of signals.
  • If any channel in any particular area is not carried out, insert this casually through the remote.
  • When you don’t receive any signal, it means the antenna is not in a good place. Shift it around till you receive 50:60.
  • Enjoy Free Connection

Now, the uninterrupted and free connection is available to serve you.

  • Put your current subscription off which is not in your usual use.
  • In this way, a large amount can be saved.

Other Ways to TV Antenna booster Signal

By use of a Metal Hanger

This procedure is simple and beneficial. A few things are required like:

  • Metal hanger
  • Tape
  • Speaker wire

Step-by-step process of TV antenna booster

  • The metal hanger will work as an outside booster. A speaker wire/Coaxial wire can be utilized as an extension for your antenna.
  • Connect the coaxial wire with an internal antenna. Connect the wire and metal hanger by utilizing tape.
  • Place the hanger in an elevated region and fix it with tape to assure that it won’t change position.
  • Switch on your TV and analyze the signals. Indeed, better quality signals will make your viewing experience better.

By use of a Metal Bucket

Things you require:

  • Towel
  • Metal bucket

Step-by-step process

  • Put a pail on a bath towel upside down.
  • Put the small interior antenna on the peak of the upside-down pail.
  • Switch on the TV and search channels according to your taste. You will surely receive the improved signals.
  • You can turn the antenna on the crest of the pail a little bit if you are still not satisfied by the quality of the channels.


You can ascend the antenna in the garret.

Utilize any other style or form a larger antenna.

How to Boost Your Antenna Signals at home?

By fastening your antenna with aluminum foil, the surface area and conductivity of the antenna will enhance to boost the signal that your TV gets from it.

How can I make my HDTV antenna stronger?

Try a TV antenna Booster

To make your antenna heightened and straightened will not be enough. In other words, distant or weak signals will not give you an obvious result. Here a TV antenna booster or TV amplifier can aid.

Will a signal booster improve digital TV reception?

TV aerial amplifiers and signal boosters can aid to endure the loss of signal because of cable friction and the giving away of signals to various TVs. A weak TV signal cannot be converted into a better durable signal by using it. But it can manage your signal problems.

Why is my TV Pixelating?

When the signals received by your TV are weak and not complete Pixelation happens. Which results in form of incomplete data to operate the picture correctly and pixelation happens. It is commonly caused by vague or false digital or analog signals.

How do I fix pixelation on my TV?

Reset the TV box

  1. Switch off the TV box.
  2. Make power cable apart from the backside of the unit, and from the wall outlet.
  3. Leave it for 30 seconds and then connect the power cable to the unit again.
  4. Stay up to 2 minutes until the TV box get reboot.
  5. Switch on your TV box and then check it.

How can I prevent my TV image from scattering up?

When your antenna receives poor signals it results in scattering of TV images, trimming in and out, or pixelating. After that, All of the connections from the wall to the cable box and from the cable box to the TV need to examine again to get assure about all packed connections.

What can interfere with TV signals?

Any accessory with electric motors like a blender, electric heater, popcorn maker, electric blanket, refrigerators, and a ceiling fan can result in interference to TV signals. Sometimes, light dimmers due to weak wiring create issues.

Why is my TV suddenly saying no signal?

First of all, you are in need to check that your TV is set to the accurate Source or Input, try alternating the Source or Input to AV, TV, Digital TV or DTV if you have not done it formerly. If your “No Signal” message still remains then it’s most likely due to a setup or antenna defect.

What blocks digital TV signals?

As the signals of phone and satellite radio can’t go through parking garages, concrete and rebar buildings or soundproof walls. However, They can block Over-the-Air TV signals. Over-the-Air antennas never need to build in lower places, or in windows with metallic core, security bars, or mesh as all these block signals.

How do I check my TV signal?

Switch on your antenna signal meter, and tune in to the poorest broadcast channel for your region. After that Turn your antenna 360 degrees gradually and finished at the greatest antenna signal strength. After that, The direction of the highest antenna signal can be known by utilizing a compass and record the conclusion.

How can I test TV signal strength in my area?

  1. Carry up the menu with your remote.
  2. Choose Settings*
  3.  Find the Signal & Connection area and choose Signal Quality according to your demand.

Why can’t I get a TV signal?

When your antenna receives poor or distant signals it can cause your TV to have no signal even though it’s at the right place. First of all you need to power off the TV, left it for a few minutes and then start again.

What should I do to take my TV to a room without an antenna?

A satellite dish is a prominent substitute for watching besides not through an aerial. For this purpose, you require a satellite dish and a satellite receiver, which is commonly a satellite set-top box but some TVs have inbuilt satellite tuners.

What should I do to get improved reception with my TV antenna?

5 Techniques for Getting the Good Possible Reception with Your Interior

  1. Search for the area where broadcast towers are present.
  2.  Fixing your antenna near to TV transmission towers can make reception better.
  3. Fix the antenna in or near a window.
  4. Try to get elevated.
  5. Check antenna by fixing it at various locations.

What causes poor TV signal quality?

Therefore, When your antenna receives poor or distant signals, or is not fixed at the right place, or gets interfered with by unknown devices can result in scattering of video or audio, and sometimes no video/audio is available at all.