HP Printer Problems and How to Troubleshoot them. Computer printers are ubiquitous in offices and even in homes. It can be said that they are a basic necessity when it comes to electronic devices that are used in the office. For the people doing research work or digital designing work at home, printers come in very handy and they cannot do without it. It has become a basic electronic gadget that makes work easier and most offices rely on their printers to get their work done.

It is not convenient to do everything digitally and hence, a printer is required now and then to make the work of the professionals easier. But when it comes to technology, some of the other problems might arise while one is handling the device as not everyone can be expected to have high efficiency for handling electronic gadgets. Therefore, some of the common difficulties that one might face while with an HP printer are listed below. HP printer troubleshooting is not easy for all. These issues, however, can be easily solved if one follows the steps mentioned over here. But, in case you have no idea how to go about your way with the printer, it is advisable to depend on printer tech support experts.

Paper jams

  • One of the most common issues that happen now and then with HP printers is paper jams.
  • Paper is something that is almost literally what its name implies. Now and then the printer becomes unusable due to paper jams. Paper jams happen when printing materials, which might or might not be paper, get stuck inside the printer and halts the whole process of printing.
  • Whenever one experiences this problem with their computer printer, they will not be able to remove the printing material that got stuck inside the printer.
  • This problem disrupts the whole system and stops any work that requires printing from progressing any further. Paper jams will bring down the entire printing operation of the business concerned.
  • There are various reasons why paper jams happen but one should take care not to do certain things so that they do not end up making the printer more susceptible to paper jams.
  • One of the main reasons why paper jams happen is people do not take care of the printer well enough and fail to clean it regularly.
  • To take care of the printer and prevent it from paper jams, one of the most important things that need to be done is to clean the printer regularly and maintain it.
  • Another thing one needs to do is check is they are unintentionally using the paper of the wrong type as using the wrong type of paper causes it to get stuck inside the printer.


  • If there is one annoying issue with an HP computer printer that can disrupt the whole system of office or business that involves printing is the problem of Ghosting.
  • When this problem arises in an HP printer, there initially appears to be no issue while printing images but what frustrates the user immensely is that besides the actual print, a very low-quality image or text that is in the main document might also appear in the final print.
  • However, these issues mainly take place when one is using a LaserJet printer.
  • Commonly, the reason for this problem of ghosting happens due to power issues. There might issue with the power port which provides power to the computer printer.
  • If the users want to solve this issue by themselves, they might at first try plugging in the printer to a different plug point.
  • Another thing that the user might try doing to fix the problem of ghosting is that they can check if rebooting the computer along with all the devices that are connected works. 
  • Everything has a lifetime and so does the parts of the printer. After a thing exhausts its lifetime, it cannot be expected to give the same kind of service as it used to. Likewise, the imaging kit, drum, and other consumable parts of a printer can only be used for printing a certain number of pages. After one exceeds this certain number and the ghosting issue arises, they will need to replace all the consumable parts of the printer to solve the ghosting issue.

Printer Driver Issues

  • Many a time, we do not pay much heed when it comes to updating various apps and programs of their computer. We fail to realize that most of the problems that we face with our computers arise from this negligence of not updating the programs
  • In these cases, the simple solution will be to update the programs.
  • However, if the user has recently updated to Windows 10, they might not be able to work either. This is because the printer driver that was compatible with the older versions of Windows are not supported by the newer ones. In this case, the user needs to buy the latest printer driver available for the software.
  • Even after doing the abovementioned things, if the user continues to face issues, they should get in touch with the experts and leave the problem for them to troubleshoot and solve the problem. If the problem arises from incompatible software or malware issues, the HP printer tech experts will be able to solve them easily.

HP Printer troubleshooting steps

  • Try to not let the paper jams happen
  • Check the proper paper type for the printer and the rollers should be freely accessible
  • Try to not let clogging happen
  • To avoid clogging, use a damp paper towel to clean the ink cartridges
  • Replace the ink cartridges with new ones to avoid improper printing
  • Do not delay updating the HP printer driver
  • Solving the hardware issues, if any, is important


After following the above steps still, you have any issue in HP printer troubleshooting, so you can contact us any time to fix this issue our expert technicians available 24*7 for your help. it’s best for you if you allow the remainder to our technical experts; they’re skilled enough to subdue any sort of issues together with your printer.

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