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Kissanime is one of the trending routines among youngsters as well as adults. It’s common for those who used to go to cinemas once. That was the time when the trend was to watch movies in cinemas; people would wait months for a movie to be released.

Groups of friends and families would go to the cinemas to watch movies and spend some quality time together. That was the time when technology was not that advanced and movies were available on film reels.

Now is the age of technology where movies are available to people as soon as they are released. People have access to these movies even in the palm of their hands. Cinemas are now less crowded as compared to how they used to be a decade or two ago.  

What is Kissanime

Simply means for you to relax and enjoy watching movies or any related content online. This content is not available on the actual website but it loads content from other sites. The visual content that is accessible on the website can be movies related to any genre including animations.

The videos can target kids, teenagers, and adults. Most of the content available is not to target the kids but it involves material that is not appropriate for kids under 18. The target for a website is to provide content for interested audiences to watch and enjoy their time. So if you are 18+ then this website is for you to have fun watching videos that interest you.

Kissanime ru is another website that contains material that focuses only on kids. It has multiple animated movies, series, and other cartoons. Whatever your choice or preference is, you will find that animated movie. You can scroll through different categories of movies and series or genres. Even if you do not have a choice, you can look for the top-rated animations. You can even look for the ones which have high IMDB ratings.

If you wish your preferences to be saved or your movies to be saved till you watch them, Sign up first. Register your account with a valid email account and then start watching whatever animation you like. If you are wondering about the security of your information, the suggestion is to go through terms of use. The privacy policy is another link that would help you to learn about security measures. Start exploring the website today and you would surely like it.

Kissanime Reddit 

If you are a social person or someone who likes to explore a lot of websites, then you probably already know about Reddit. If you do not know about it then let me explain what it is about. It is a website that includes a lot of communities depending on people’s interests. You sign up for the website and select the types of communities that you would like to become part of.

Like you register yourself on Pinterest or other related social websites, the same as what you do here. You choose your preference or the type of community you need to be informed about.

As you keep on using it, information, or content related to your community will be shared with you. People post different articles or upload posts including images and content. The domain of Kissanime contained information about new releases of animations. The content or information about productions related to those animations. Actors and actresses working on those animations or the artists, information related to all those would have been available on the Reddit website.  

Unfortunately the kissanime domain has been closed and is not accessible on reddit anymore. There might be some legal issues or something which lead to the closure. 

Kissanime Website

The main Kissanime website was functional until 2020 but it was shut down due to some reasons. However, it is promised to the users that the domain would be brought back soon. It is a website which does not provide you access to content on its own domain. It actually loads content from other websites form Google or other streaming websites.

This makes the kissanime safe to be used and secure for you to use. The content is not legal but it is not considered as illegal too. The reason for the content not being marked as illegal is that it does not provide streaming on its own website. The same platform is used to extract visual content which is embedded. Only the kissanime website or platform is being used to load the videos.  

If you try to open the website and it does not load or shows an error. It might mean that the kissanime official website is down or kissanime site is closed. If you are confused about the use of website, then you might have some concerns related to security of information you provide. Go through the privacy policy and the terms of use agreements to know how to access content. You might want to go through the legal policy of the website as well. 

While you try to access the kissanime website and it is not accessible. You might have to choose from kissanime alternatives. These are different sorts of websites you find online by searching on Google or Yahoo. The search engines provide you different options to choose from kissanime alternative websites. They show you high ranking websites which provide original or non-pirated content. 

What is Pirated Content

The term serves as a legal violation itself. It is the word used for the content which is used without authorization. Whenever a video, movie or a film is released, it is first premiered in the cinema halls then it launched in CD form. People tend to use the practice of recording these videos in cinemas and then upload it on kissanime websites. This practice is completely illegal and leads to some legal actions to be taken against the culprits. 

Not only are the ones that are uploading pirated content faulty; but the ones encouraging them by watching those movies too. If there is no one to watch that pirated content then the one’s uploading would get no benefit too. So quit watching pirated content and start spending some money to subscribe to the original content. You would be able to access original non pirated content by spending a little sum of money. Look for legal options and start using them.

Legal actions 

It is against the piracy law to download or record unauthorized content. Then selling that leaked content to other people. A person being indulged in such activity is answerable to court of law. Even if a person helps another one to leak content that belongs to other source. This means that if you are a part of copying copyrighted content from someone else; this counts as a criminal activity. 

Once the culprit is presented to the court, the officials review the content first. After a detailed review, the content is marked as illegally copied or pirated. The punishment can be jail sentence or some fine to be paid or both depending on the complexity of the act. 


Through the above mentioned information, we do not intend to promote piracy. This is only to help you be aware of what the law states. Access legal content and do not indulge in any such activity.

Paid Content

Since Kissanime didn’t prove to be authentic to many people, now it’s time to move to paid content. If you search online, you would find many websites that provide you with a paid monthly subscription. In return for those paid subscriptions, you get multiple user options by registering for one account which is a benefit anyway.

With this, you get access to innumerable original content including movies, series, animations, etc. If you decide to enjoy new releases by using these paid websites, it’s better to switch to these websites today. You do not only get access to the original content but also to high-quality videos which are only available on Blu ray which is not affordable for many.

Here is a list of a few paid content websites which you can choose from to watch online high-quality videos:

  1. Netflix
  2. Hulu
  3. Amazon Prime Video
  4. Disney
  5. Curiosity stream
  6. CBS all access
  7. Fubo TV
  8. Peacock
  9. VRV
  10. YouTube TV
  11. HBO Max
  12. Tubi
  13. SlingTV
  14. ShowTime
  15. Popcorn Flix
  16. Philo
  17. DIRECTV Now
  18. Vudu
  19. PlutoTV
  20. Britbox


Is kissanime legal?

Kissanime is the world’s biggest platform for online animation streaming websites that provided access to a large number of animations. These animations included ranged from movies, films to animated series. The content that was streamed on the website was not directly uploaded onto the platform. The visual content was being extracted from other kissanime websites through embedded links. The website was fast and reliable if you wished to watch anything without spending less time. The streaming / downloading speed was fast as well.

Since the content was being loaded from other websites, it was considered legal. The kissanime website was only serving as a platform to load the video from another source. Still, it had to go through a lot of legal processes. It was complained to be copying others’ copyrighted content and pirating it. Due to a lot of things proving the website to be illegal, it was shut down in August 2020. This happened due to the change in Japanese piracy law as well. Even though the website did not share any illegal or copyrighted content, it was blamed and had to be closed by the authorities. If you are looking for similar services then you need to choose a reliable search engine and look for the correct options.

Is kissanime down?

Kissanime is the website that provided access to multiple animated videos and movies on one platform. It literally means to stream and enjoy whatever movie you choose. It was launched in 2012 and since then became famous throughout the world. This made it the biggest animation video platform ever available.

It provided videos that were arranged as ranked by IMDB. So you could choose from the best and most liked videos to watch. You could even select from multiple genres depending on your personal choices. The website remained functional for a long time but then it faced a lot of complaints. Due to the change in copyright or piracy laws and so many complaints of copyrights, it was shut down in fall 2020. Even though the content available on the website was not illegal, it was still closed for good. 

How to access kiss anime?

Kissanime website which enjoyed fame for more than half a decade is not operational anymore. It might be functional again after some but not so soon. The website contained a lot of animated movies related to many genres. It was quite the biggest animated movie platform ever accessed. You could access embedded videos from various other streaming websites on Kissanime.

Unfortunately, the website was shut down in August 2020 and the domain is not accessible anymore. If you really wish to look for something similar, you would have to search through different platforms. Use different reliable search engines to access the right website that serves the purpose.

What is the official kissanime website?

Kissanime which was the biggest animated content website is not accessible anymore. The actual domain was It was a clone website of another one which was named KissManga. The content on both websites was similar and contained many animated movies, series, etc. You could access different genres of Japanese cartoons or animations on one platform. Now the main domain was shut down due to copyright issues and now you can find multiple alternative websites online. Just search on Google and you would find multiple websites with different domains to access visual content.

How to make kissanime load faster?

If your videos are downloading slowly on the kissanime website, there might be the following reasons:

1- You have a poor internet plan
2- Your router isn’t working properly
3- The website’s server is down or slow
4- Since kissanime is routing content from another website, maybe the source website service is down or slow
5- The video might be being watched by multiple users around the world at the same time
6- There is some problem with the servers at kissanime since they use cheap servers
7- Your device might not be working properly

Now the main question is how to increase the loading of streaming, well for that you would need to do some or all of the following:

1- Use an upgraded device to access the website
2- Subscribe to a bigger internet plan
3- Watch the video after a few days. If it is recently uploaded, that means there would be multiple users watching the same video
4- Do not use multiple streaming websites at the same time. As each streaming website requires a specific bandwidth of internet to load videos. 

What happened to kissanime?

Kissanime’s website was operational for a long time since 2012. The platform was famous among people around the world. It contained content related to animations based on different genres. You could access movies and series according to a ranking done on IMDB. The website mostly provided fast streaming but sometimes it was slow due to the use of slow servers. It loaded animated content through embedded videos on its platform.

Initially, there was no copyright issue but as time passed, the website faced many piracy issues. Due to a lot of complaints and copyright issues, it was shut down in August 2020 and is not accessible anymore. The main reason for the closure of the site was a change in Japanese law on pirated videos as well. Now if you wish to access the content, then you would have to search for more options and choose the one which serves you best.

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