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Know Everything About Tinder – A Promising Dating Application

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In the modern world, everything is about apps, and Tinder is one of the most popular dating applications. If you are looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend then Tinder is the right place to meet people of your liking. Tinder is a dating app for straight people. Nowadays people seldom get to meet people of the opposite sex in their regular lives. This is the reason that dating apps like Tinder have become very popular. It is not as though online dating was not existent earlier.

Facts about Tinder

Earlier there used to be dating sites, but now Tinder and other apps have taken over and they are doing a good job of it. Tinder is compatible with both iOS and Android. Tinder allows you to find potential suitors within the guidelines that you provide on Tinder. The app is meant for people who are 18 years or above in age. If you are aware of Tinder then you may have heard about swipes. On Tinder swipe means that you either like or reject a suitor. If two people like each other’s profiles then they can start chatting on the app. It is necessary to have a Facebook profile in order to create an account on Tinder. 

According to research, there are millions of active users on Tinder. At the same time they spend an average of 90 minutes on the app. Tinder is available in 196 countries in the world. Researchers even say that it is making up to 100 matches every second. 

How Tinder works

The bare minimum personal information that you need to give when signing up on Tinder are your name and age. Then you have to upload photographs and choose the favorite photo to be your main image. You are also required to write some introduction about yourself, and this is not mandatory, but it is definitely handy when it comes to attracting suitors. You also need to mention which gender and age of suitors you are interested in and then you can get ready to swipe. You also need to mention what distance range you want to find a date in.

In order to read someone’s profile, you can click on their photograph and the number of free swipes in limited per day. So if you pay and upgrade your membership to Tinder Plus then you can get unlimited swipes. Swipes here mean that you like a person and want to gain their friendship. If you have liked someone and that person also likes you then you get a match. Both the parties will get a notification and anyone of you can start the conversation. 

How to stay safe

Of course, in today’s time, it is difficult to trust a totally unknown person. This is the reason it is necessary that you stay safe while striking up a relationship on Tinder or any other dating app. The app advises that you should not give anyone your personal information like social security number, credit card numbers, bank information, or work or home address. At the same time, you should stay away from people who ask you for money. This is especially true when someone asks you to send money overseas or through wire transfer. It is also better to keep the conversation on the app because if you move the conversation to text, personal mail, or phone then there are chances of some fraudster taking undue advantage of the information. 

If you find any suspicious accounts then you can block them and also report them. It is also necessary to get to know the person thoroughly before you meet up. For this purpose, you should make sure that you have in-depth conversations with them on the app itself. Before you meet a person make sure that the first few meetings are in a public place. Do not respond to requests for meeting at a remote location and never at your home. Of course, once you get to know the person thoroughly then you can take the relationship forward and invite the person to your home or go to their place. However, this step should be taken with a lot of caution.

Make sure that you inform some family members or friends about your plans to meet your date. You should tell them where and when you are going to meet. You should always carry your phone and make sure that it is fully charged. You should also make it a point that you organize your own transport especially in cases where things may or may not work out. Do not consume alcohol or drugs when going on the date because it is necessary for you to remain sober. If you are inebriated then there are chances that you can get into an unsafe situation.

How to choose the right person

If someone sounds too good to be true then it should spike your suspicion. Nowadays you can check the people out online and find out who they really are. One good method to check out a person is to take a look at their Facebook or other social media account. You should be suspicious if the other person is not willing to give you the account information. This will make sure that the person is really who he or she is saying they are.

In fact in many cases, just entering their name on Google can give you all the details like their place of work, their social media accounts, etc. It is always better to play safe and not jump into anything just because the other person is very attractive in any way. When going on the first couple of dates it is advisable to take a friend along for safety’s sake, if your date vehemently opposes the idea of taking a friend.

You often must be wondering on the query can you use Tinder on PC. The answer to this is a Yes because long back in 2017, a web version was introduced with a view to ease the functioning and access of this dating app. Tinder is a wonderful platform to meet your suitor and there have been proven cases when people found the love of their life on this app. You too may be the lucky one and find your soul mate. However, keep the above-mentioned things in mind so that you stay safe and still find the person that you have always been looking for.

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