With so many gifts lined up on the local shops and online gifting portals, it can be a little difficult for you to choose the perfect gift for your dear ones. No matter what the occasion is, choosing the best for your loved ones is a must as they leave no stone unturned to surprise us with amazing gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, and on other special occasions. Here we are with a gift guide that includes some latest and trending gifts which are guaranteed to leave your loved ones surprised. So, without any further delay, let’s get started with the list.

Midnight Cake

A cake when received at midnight fills us with happiness and joy. Let your dear one feel this beautiful feeling on their special day. Order cakes in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, or in any other city from a reliable online bakery and opt for midnight cake delivery. Your midnight surprise gift will surely brighten up your dear one’s special celebrations.

Special Photo Box

Bring out all the amazing photographs of your dear one from your phone and get them printed. Now creatively paste the photographs inside an empty box. If you have some crafty materials like washi tapes, glitters, sketch pens, etc., then you can use them to decorate the box according to the special occasion. Pen down your wishes inside the box and present it to the recipient.

Personalised Plant

An eco-friendly gift to promote your loved ones to go green. The plant will add freshness to the surrounding environment and will look good inside the room. Choose a spider plant, snake plant, money plant, areca palm, or any other charming plant and get the vase personalized with the recipient’s name or photo. Your green gift will surely be appreciated.

Digital Gifts

The most in-trend and affordable gifts are digital gifts. With the advancements in technology and increase in the number of mobile users, people are shifting towards digital gifting. You can also try digital gifts like e-greeting cards, e-caricatures, digital posters, musician on call, personalised apps, e-gift cards, etc. The digital gifts are delivered directly to the recipient’s email inbox.

Personalised Mobile Back Cover

As most of us are always busy with our mobile phones, this gift was a must in the list. A lot of amazing mobile back cover designs are available on the Internet and the best ones are the personalised ones. Get the mobile back cover personalised according to the recipient with their name or photograph. You can also personalise the cover with their favorite dialogue that they always say.

Bar Accessories                

For your alcohol lover friends, bar accessories make the perfect choice. You can choose crystal whiskey glasses, ice bucket, ice tong, decorative bottle opener, cocktail shaker, etc. Get the accessories personalised with your dear one’s name or nickname. The beautiful bar accessories will surely enhance their drinking experience.

So, these were some of the latest and trending gift ideas that will surely leave your loved ones surprised. According to the occasion and relation, you can choose the perfect gift from the above mentioned. Another great way to keep a tab on the trending gifts is by regularly visiting a reliable online gifting portal and checking out their latest/trending gifts section. Hope you find what you were looking for! Happy shopping! Happy gifting!

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