Major Health Problems in India People Face. A recent report indicates that almost 25 lakh Indians die every year due to ischemic heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Other major health issues in India that lead to numerous annual morbidities include cancer, stroke, tuberculosis, and respiratory malfunctions.

The key to successful recovery or prevention is awareness of these common health afflictions. An individual possessing sufficient knowledge regarding the causes and symptoms can notice a possible health disorder and seek medical intervention at the earliest. Listed below are some of the prevalent diseases in India, along with their associated symptoms.

Top 5 health disorders in India

Although there is a multitude of health issues in India, here are the five conditions that pose the greatest threat to the populace.

Heart ailments

Ischemic heart disease refers to cardiac conditions where the narrowing arteries result in limited blood and oxygen supply to the heart. Reports suggest that almost 15.4 lakh Indians succumb to severe heart conditions in a year, making it the most dangerous ailment in the country. Ischemic conditions result from arterial blockages due to excess cholesterol build-up, blood clot formation or a temporary stiffening of artery walls. Read more about PM Kisan for more information on PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme.

One must watch out for irregular or rapid heartbeat, a sharp pain in the arm, vomiting, nausea, breathlessness and excessive sweating as symptoms of cardiac conditions. All of these are the common signs of underlying heart disease.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD

A progressive lung disorder known as the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is another one of the most distressing health issues in India. Air pollution combined with cigarette smoking are the primary cause of this lung condition in the country.

COPD is an incurable condition. However, with adequate medication, symptoms can be managed. Moreover, early diagnosis can also slow the progression of the disease with timely treatment intervention.

Early symptoms of these disorders include shortness of breath and recurrent cough. Minor symptoms can also get progressively worse with each day. Advanced symptoms include lack of energy, chest tightness, frequent flu-like symptoms, wheezing, weight loss and swelling of the lower extremities.


Cancer, especially breast cancer among Indian women, is excessively common today. The number of patients suffering from different types of cancer has doubled in the last three decades. Apart from breast cancer, cervical cancer, oral cancer and lung cancer are also prevalent in India.

Cancer treatment largely depends on the stage of diagnosis. Recovery is the likeliest if diagnosis of the condition occurs in its initial stages. At later stages, treatment largely aims at managing the symptoms instead of curing the patient. Furthermore, cancer can recur after successful treatments as well.

The primary difficulty in the path of cancer treatment in India is the substantial expenses involved with it. Financial tools, such as the Health EMI Network Card from Bajaj Finserv, can ensure affordability of such costly healthcare assistances.

Diarrhoeal conditions

Diarrhoea can result from viral contamination of food and water. Due to improper treatment or delays in diagnosis, this disease claims a considerable number of lives each year. Although preventable, it claims the lives of more than 5 lakh children under the age of 5 worldwide.

Poor personal hygiene, malnutrition and infections are responsible for causing severe instances of diarrhoea. Dehydration is the primary threat for patients suffering from this disease due to extended bouts of vomit and dysentery. Infusion of fluids and electrolytes is vital to the treatment of diarrhoea.


Among the common health issues in India, tuberculosis or TB is perhaps the most dangerous because this bacterial condition can be asymptomatic for an extended period. These carriers can spread the disease to others around them, leading to the rapid transmission of TB in small pockets of the population.

One should beware of warning signs of tuberculosis, including chest pain, chills, fever, intense cough with blood, loss of appetite and more. If one notices one or more of these symptoms, he/she should approach a physician immediately. With proper treatment and medication, doctors can cure TB. Nevertheless, delaying treatment can lead to complications or even death.

Timely and quality treatment in India, however, is set back due to limited healthcare financing. The likes of Bajaj Health EMI Card thus ensure that funding does not become an impediment to quality treatment of such diseases. Cardholders can seek even the most expensive treatments or surgeries with this card, postponing any immediate financial liabilities to a later period.

Convert your medical bills into EMIs

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