Many gamers face difficulties while playing multiple and unique games. These errors may be related to the new updates, graphics, and auto-subscriptions. After that, payment is one of the biggest issues in the field of online gaming. To cope up with these types of issues, there is a licensed website in the market named Mogstation.

This website is especially for Final Fantasy players. Having this tool in your hand, you can adjust to many problems. For instance, you can purchase new items and can secure your gaming payment as well. 

As far as the rating of this secured tool is concerned, it is trendy in the United States of America and Japan. People have been fond of it for a long time. We can infer that this is a stunning station. So, this is a wonderful option to select and golden button and push. 

Many games have dominated people’s minds and interests. The reason behind this is that gaming is a great source of increasing your memory, brain speed, and abilities. Further, it can be a source of enjoyment and recreation. Mogstation is worthy to praise because of the wonderful features. Let’s throw a light on them. 

Final Fantasy Games (Mogstation)

“Become the warrior of light”. 

This has been the motto of Final fantasy games but final fantasy XIV focuses more rather than others. 

Many games are in the market for decades. People still choose and play them. Most noteworthy, companies and their developers keep on sending their updates and new versions too. 

As we have talked about fantasy games, these are also one of them. This series of games belong to a Japanese artist who brought it in front of the people. 1987 was the year of releasing the year of the 14th version. For users` easiness and good experience, this is available on PlayStation. If you want to sparkle, do not forget to add Mogstation with it. 

The Basic Components of Mogstation

Some countless specifications and elements are essential to discuss in front of you. While reading them and discussing them, you people can understand its specifications and features as well. These features will help you to play the game wonderfully. Therefore, we have enlisted a few exclusive items. 

Here we go with the basic elements of ff14 mog station that make it popular:


In this section, you can check your payment method and subscriptions. This section will be private and you only can access it. On the other hand, the system automatically saves your Email, password, information, and subscription. So, this box belongs to you. 

Optional items

As the name is depicting that optional item means such type of items that you purchase and add. It depends upon you whether you are going to buy them or not. People tend to purchase them and create enthusiasm in their games, especially in ff XIV. Once you buy any item, the mog station will add it to your game.  

For instance, you can buy weapons, accessories, and partners as well. Firstly, in weapons, you have countless things. Secondly, in accessories, there are slippers, rugs, a bottle of fantasia. Thirdly, in partners, you may have new co-partners, cats, and peacocks. Some of them on sale hurry up and spend your money wisely.

For your ease, we divide optional items into two categories:

  • Pastel Purple Dye
  • Pink Dye
  • Indigo whale 
  • Fatter cat 
  • Carpet 
  • Heel-toe 
  • Ruby slippers 
  • Goobbue Do 
  • Phial of Fantasia 
  • Metallic Red Dye
  • Dark Red Dye
  • Purple Dye
  • Dark Green Dye
  • Pure white dye 

Mostly sold

  • Distressed Manderville Attire
  • Doman Liege’s Dogi
  • Liege’s Kyahan, Kote, and Kyakui
  • Doman Magpie
  • Dragon Kabuto
  • Dragonsong Reproduction
  • Dreadwyrm Miniature
  • Authentic Eggstravagant Interior Wall
  • Evercold Shaved Ice
  • Familiar Pawprints
  • Far Eastern Doll Display
  • Festive Chirashi-zushi
  • AFestive Sushi Balls
  • Authentic Ghost Candle Stand
  • Dress-up Y’shtola

Note: Do not push “add new service account” if you want to play with already existing items and characters. 

Other services to recall 

There are two more considerable services. 

  • Character renaming service: In this service, you can change the names of characters. I like this service personally. 
  • Veteran rewards: While playing the game you reach certain points and achieve points. As a result, you get optional services. 
  • World transfer: Ups and downs come during the game. If you feel or face difficulties during the game, you can transfer your world and play with friends. 
  • Mounts: In this service, you would have to jump from one location to another location. This is an exclusive service of the Mogstation online website. 

Payment History

This feature helps you to save your money. Further, it also informs you how much money you have paid and how much you will pay for new items. Most noteworthy, you must follow the instructions while purchasing any item. In this way, you do not have dents in your wallet. 

Square Enix account settings 

Beginners can create this account within a few seconds. Members can set Enix account effortlessly because of the automation of the account. So, this is not a big deal to set the Square Enix account. 

Support center 

This option is for gamers who face difficulties. If there are some questions in your mind, you can put them in front of the support center. In this way, you can reduce your tension. On the other hand, if you are unable to purchase items, do contact the helping center. 

Payment method and schedule 

Now, we come to the payment method. You can pay with the help of distinct sources. For example, a Debit card is one of the biggest sources to pay. You may have this at home. 

Subscriptions longevity and policies 

There are a few important things to keep in mind while purchasing or renewing any item. If there is insufficient credit in your card, the Mogstation Online Final Fantasy will automatically cancel the process. Furthermore, if you want to cancel any subscription, you can do it easily. Last, your information is in safe hands.


What is mogstation? 

Mogstation is the management of the ff14 game and its subscriptions. If a player has this account, he can manage his monthly subscriptions and purchase items as well. Having this account, you can easily enjoy the gaming experience.  

How to download ff14 mogstation and set it up properly? 

This is a very easy process to follow. You need to click on the setup named ffxivsetup.exe. Then press the INSTALLATION setup. After that, there will be a language selection option. Select your region because once you select the wrong Region, you will get an unknown text. 

Important points to follow:

  • Read the terms and conditions carefully. Click “Next” to continue. 
  • You must have 40 GB of free space.
  • Documents free space must be 2 GB.
  • The drive must have 1 GB of free space. 
  • Last, click on the FINISH button to ready. 

How to install ffxiv on mac? 

It is an easy process, the same as downloading Final Fantasy on PC. You would have to click on the setup and select the region. After that accept terms and conditions. As a result, you will get the game easily. 

Is final fantasy 14 still subscription-based?

Certainly, it is subscription-based and you would have to subscribe to new features and characteristics. There is no option available except for it. Therefore, you need to spend money. As far as payment is concerned, you must have to pay $12.99.   

How do I recover my Square Enix account?

Sometimes it happens that you forget your ID or password. In this case, you cannot access your Enix account. To recover your account, you need to put your ID and password. Then, there will be an option “Forget ID or Password”. Click on it and recover your password quickly. Most noteworthy, you should save your email and password in Google documents. Further, you can save it on your cell phone “Keep notes”. 

Do I need Stormblood to play ffxiv? 

No, this is unnecessary to get Stormblood to play your game. You can access free trial and ffxiv later. On the other side, you would have to buy a game to play because it is paid. 

Does Stormblood come with a free month? 

No, it has not come with any subscription. So, it comes with a free month with no time limit. You can have it a whole month but you cannot have upgrade versions and features.  

Where do I enter my recruit friend code ffxiv?

From the very beginning, you would have to open and log in to the Mog Station account. While following it ENTER recruitment code. Then there will be a bar for code. The code may be like that F4R3ZFU4. 

There are following important points to note while entering recruit friend code. 

  • While entering the code pay a little bit of attention because there may be some uppercase letters.
  • Numeric alphabets are the second part of code.
  • If your code is incorrect, contact your friend. 
  • The code may expire after 120 days. 
  • You can use friend code only one time. In this case, contact your buddy again. 

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