Let’s face it: there’s no gift in the world that can truly equate to how much mothers give throughout their lives. However, taking the time to celebrate Mother’s Day and offering a simple token of your appreciation is a start. 

Make the occasion memorable by buying something that your Mom (or the mother of your children) would never buy for herself. Here are five lovely Mother’s Day gift ideas she’s sure to enjoy.

A Flower Subscription

Giving a gift of flowers is a simple, traditional way to brighten your Mom’s day. Now, imagine that energy on repeat. While there are plenty of Mother’s Day subscription ideas, there’s perhaps nothing quite as appropriate and innovative as a flower subscription.

With a flower subscription, Mom will receive a new floral arrangement every month. With this gift, she’ll have a beautiful reminder of how much she means to you, all the way through to next Mother’s Day. 

Most florists stick with seasonal options when sourcing flowers, which can simplify table decor throughout the year. You can even help her preserve some of her favorite bouquets for a gift that keeps on giving.

A Memory Tree

Memory trees are another timeless reminder of how much you care. For this gift, pick a sapling that has meaning for Mom and pair it with a nice message or plaque. If your mother doesn’t live in a place with room for a tree or is concerned about moving, choose something that will survive in a pot— like a lemon tree or a bonsai apple tree.

This gift is also a beautiful way to mark someone’s first Mother’s Day. Choose a sapling to represent a new child, making it a tradition as your family grows. Then, you can take a photo with the tree each Mother’s Day to mark the passage of time.

A Luxury Bath Set


Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-woman-reading-book-while-taking-bath-6621076/

Moms work hard to take care of their families, often putting the needs of others before their own. A luxury bath set is a perfect gift for the Mom who needs a little more downtime to rest and de-stress.

Invest in some high-quality bath products, such as bath bombs, bubble baths, and soap. Add in a few face masks and candles to set the tone for the bath. Finally, top it off with a bathtub tray on which she can set a drink, a book, and whatever else she needs to relax and unwind.

Luxury Pajamas and a Warmer

Most people don’t understand the draw of luxury pyjamas— that is until they try them on. Give Mom a lovely set of luxury pyjamas made from silk or organic cotton. Then, pair it with a simple pyjama warmer— a small electronic pouch makes the contents toasty warm.

Elevate this gift with a nice robe and slippers. You can even have the pyjamas monogrammed for an extra touch of class and refinement.

A Long-Distance Love Reminder

Mother’s Day can be difficult when Mom lives far away. This holiday might be a reminder of how much you miss her. If you have a long-distance mama, get her a gift that helps you feel a little closer.

Love lamps are one such device that creates a connection between two people who live far apart. Each person gets a lamp. When they miss the other person, they touch the lamp to say hi. The paired lamp will then light up, showing the other person that you’re thinking of them. 

You can also get bracelets that operate similarly. When one person taps their bracelet, it sends a small vibration to the other person. 

With these thoughtful gifts, you can show Mom how much she means to you.