Neighborhoods of Barcelona. Travelling is one of the best experiences someone can have. It brings insights about the world, and getting to know other cultures different than your own can make you grow as a person and expand your horizons. 

Europe can be a great traveling destination because the countries are relatively nearby, and it is a continent filled with history and well-known landmarks. One of the most touristic cities in Western Europe is Barcelona.

Barcelona is located on the Northeastern coast of Spain, and it is a city filled with life and cultural diversity. The city’s artistic expression can be easily perceived and appreciated by experts and amateurs. 

The languages spoken in Barcelona are Spanish and Catalan. If you wish to make your experience more immersive, you can venture and learn Spanish in Barcelona. There are plenty of different courses for short or long-term stays. Take Spanish lessons in Barcelona and make the most out of it!

Some people prefer to know some details about their next destination in advance. This is a great tip that may save you time and money once you get there. In Barcelona, there is a lot to see and activities to do. These are the best neighborhoods of Barcelona:


Gracia is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Barcelona, famous for its markets, stores, restaurants, and overall social atmosphere. It has a robust Catalan heritage and style, and it is almost a city of its own. 

It is the chosen place for students and young professionals. Gracia is also filled with parks and green areas, including the wonderful Park Guell, one of the most famous creations of the architect Gaudi.  

Les Corts

Les Corts is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city. The houses are almost like mansions, and the luxury architecture can be breathtaking. This is the part of the city where the business hub is located. Also, there are two university campuses. The community is quite rich and diverse, primarily young, upper-class families. 

This neighborhood is also the location of the leading soccer stadium and one of the city’s biggest shopping centers. It is also conveniently near the Natural Park of Serra de Collserola, the perfect place for long walks in nature. 

Gothic Neighborhood

The Gothic Neighborhood is located in the busy center of Barcelona. It is filled with tourists, and it embraces the purest essence of the city. The architecture is unique, and there is a delicious restaurant on every street. 

It is one of the most popular places to live in, so it may be a hazard to find accommodation, but it is worth it if you are lucky enough. 


Barceloneta was once a quiet fishermen’s location on the outer part of the city. Now, it is one of the most sought out areas in Barcelona. The easy beach access and vibrant atmosphere make this place unique and crowded. On top of this, the accommodation prices are accessible, and the view of the ocean is the best the city has to offer.


This neighborhood was the first one to be built after the old town of Barcelona. The wide streets and impressive architecture are an exhibition of the typical constructions of the 19th century. 

The location is perfect, and plenty of public transportation lines go through it. The most famous artistic buildings are Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllothis. 

It is probably the best place to live in Barcelona, where Expanish Language School is located. 

Sant Marti

If you enjoy nature and prefer to be near the beaches and smell the sea, Sant Marti may be the perfect neighborhood for you. This is where Olimpic Park is located, and it is the ideal place for aquatic sports and strolls through the beach. 

There are different accommodation options only a few blocks away from the coast, and the business activities thrive in this part of the city. There is a modern vibe, and both locals and tourists enjoy Sant Marti. 

There are a lot of neighborhoods in Barcelona, and you may not get to visit them all. Try to visit them on foot so you can get a better sense of the particular atmosphere of each one. Get lost and wander through the streets. Enjoy the city!

Learn Spanish in Barcelona

Expanish Schools offers a variety of courses suited for every need. It isu are a student who would like to live an experience abroad, a professional who wants to enhance and improve their resume, or even a tourist with time to spare; you will indeed find the ideal course for you.

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The choice is yours!

Expanish Language School is located in downtown Barcelona, close to the major touristic sites and public transportation. The school offers plenty of extra-curricular activities to put your knowledge to the test, enjoy the city, and interact with the locals. You will surely make friends for a lifetime. 

Some Tips

Learning a new language while visiting a new city can be an exciting experience. Plan so you can make the most out of it. Contact the school staff so they can assist you with everything; they can even help you find accommodation like a shared apartment or a student residence. 

Check social media hashtags and read the reviews to see what it is like beforehand. Barcelona is waiting for you!