In foreign countries, it’s a tradition to visit bars and clubs over the weekend. But unfortunately, if you are underage and considered as minor there are limited chances of your entry. Many of the groups consist of friends of different ages that include people above 21 years and also high school students. So when they all plan to attend bars and clubs there comes these restrictions for the minors. In order to overcome this issue, one prefers purchasing a new fake ID. The details over the new fake ID include name, age, gender, address, picture, and signature, etc.

It’s more or less a matter of luck whether you sail through this or not. Sometimes the pressure of flow makes the ID checker frustrated that he doesn’t have enough time to skim your entire ID. On the other hand, some clubs have installed high-quality scanners that identify if the ID is fake or original. Also, many of the bars ask you to swipe your driving license or any other certified document which can prove your identity. These scanners not only show your name and address but it can reveal all of your social security numbers, eye color, and height, etc. Once you have used your ID at a bar it will save your database for the future.

The underage Boys and girls scratch their IDs to alter the information and furnish it according to their wishes. These new fake IDs bring no joy in their life rather put them in trouble. The fake ID user details are sent to the authorities and the particular minor is highlighted for carrying out this crime. So this highly secured system helps the establishments to beware of the new fake ID user. If this incidence of repeated use of fake IDs by the minors is checked by higher law authorities, it will simply result in the shut down of that bar or club. This will bring disaster in the life of bar owners and other members.

As this is the 21st century and minors are potential enough to handle such a situation. They start questioning back the investigators, not to keep their personal information in the databases. The answer to this question is, the authorities will keep their information highly confidential and it will be accessed only by trustworthy employees. To our surprise, these new-age scanners are capable of highlighting the people involved in inconvenient behavior, while a party going on in a bar during the past. It is practically impossible for a human to recognize faces involved in such occurrences so police and bouncers cannot do the job.

The new fake IDs are made by the professionals which make it look like an original ID. One can order for a fake ID through different websites. The professionals use a better version of software to complete their tasks of manufacturing new fake IDs. Apart from ordering IDs online, one can make it on their own. If you have command on the Photoshop, you are almost there to get your hands on a new fake ID. Some of the websites provide high-quality service, few are struggling with their new business and rest are totally scam.

Boys have this opportunity to change their looks because of facial hair. If they keep beard it makes them look adults but if they shave their facial hair the view is totally different. This feature can bring havoc in the current system. The males do avail of this feature and create fake IDs. People steal information from others and pretend it to be their personal information. The possession of more than one fake ID is a new trend that should be repressed as soon as possible.

The present situation is proof of the fact that our security system is inefficient to catch such criminals, not only the users but the manufacturer as well. This is the hour of need and now is the time that the Government should make potent policies that will help to catch people using counterfeit identifications and stealing the personal information of innocent citizens.  Everybody should play its part to make this planet a place free of lies, dishonesty, and greed.

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