Ways of Online Safety for Children And Non Tech Savvy Parents. Online safety is a major concern for parents as their younger children are vulnerable to several threats. From cyberbullying and child predation to scamming and hacking, there are some serious issues that have been affecting kids between the age of 8 and 17. The time kids spend online is the riskiest period because they may experience several potential dangers causing a negative impact on their physical, mental and psychological health.

Parents can play a pivotal role in protecting their kids from online dangers and ensuring their safety in the digital world. This article provides a complete guide to parents on how they can ensure their kids’ online safety without knowing enough about the tech. Read on to know some of the most useful online safety tips for children and non-tech savvy moms.

Use Privacy Settings

Social media apps offer privacy and security settings to enable users to enhance the protection of their accounts. Using these settings, you can restrict annoying persons from accessing you through online platforms. Let your kids learn about these settings and make sure they use these settings to make their online and social media accounts protected.

Set Strong Password

The importance of passwords is known to everyone. A strong password can protect your kids’ online accounts by restricting unauthorized access. A password-protected account is less likely to be hacked. Moreover, it is important that your kids memorize their passwords and do not share it with anyone.

Manage Internet Access

Uncontrolled internet access can make your kids have horrible experiences. They may expose to sexually explicit or age-inappropriate content using the internet. Use parental controls of Google to filter age-inappropriate websites.  

Do Not Accept Unknown Friend Requests

Make sure your kids do not accept friend requests from unknown persons. We know how risky it can be to communicate to a stranger in the real world. It is equally dangerous in the online world to get connected with a person without having enough reliable information. We never know who that person is. He could be a bully or a child predator using an online platform with fake identity.   

Do not Respond to Harassing Stuff

Your kids are likely to receive humiliating comments and harassing stuff on social media posts. Let them know it is not necessary to respond to such annoying material. Delete the comment or block the bully rather than giving a response in a harsher manner. However, do not delete threatening messages because they can be used as evidence against the harasser.  

Talk About Online Threats

Your kids must know what is online bullying and how predators trap children. Also help them learn how they can deal with bullies and molesters. Having frequent discussions about the online endangerments will enhance awareness about these online threats.

Set Private Profiles

Facebook allows setting public or private profiles depending on the purpose of use of this social media. Similarly, many other social media services offer public or private profiles. What is posted on public profiles can be seen and commented by anyone? However, the private profiles are more secure as their posts can only be seen by friends or specific persons. Make sure your kids have private profiles rather than public. 

Keep Computers at Visible Place

Do your kid has computer in his personal room? It could be difficult to supervise use of computer device in private room. That’s because it is recommended to place your family computer somewhere visible at home.

Set Digital Rules

The rules are crucial to make your kids responsible and secure. The digital rules can help make the digital lives of your children protected. Compile a list of rules regarding use of digital devices. For example, make it compulsory not to use mobile phones at dining table. You can also set time limits for the use of the internet. Do not allow kids to go online late at night. 

Make ground rules

After you have been set digital roles then you should make some ground rules when and when not to use the particular devices. Make sure that you are authoritarian parents that can enforce all the rules and your children will obey it willingly. Guide your children when they can get their hands on their cellphones and tablets connected to the internet.

Non-tech savvy moms can get help from the rules they have enforced on their children. In-case anyone of your child has violated the rules then you must implement the penalties. You can tell your particular child he/she cannot use their mobile for a certain period without their permission. This will keep your children in discipline and help you out to make sure kid’s online safety to the fullest.  

Monitor Digital Devices

The monitoring of digital devices including mobile phones and computers is important to protect children from the potential dangers of the online world. It also helps in preventing kids from wrongdoings and getting involved in self-harm activities, cyberbullying and unhealthy social media challenges. Using the monitoring app for cell phones and computers, parents can keep track of almost all online and offline activities of their teens and tweens.

Hope this article would be helpful in learning how the online safety of children can be ensured. Follow all the above-mentioned guidelines and safeguard your loved ones from the potential dangers of the online world.     


Non-tech –savvy or single moms have a double responsibility, one is to provide their children bread and butter and the second is to make sure kids and teens online safety. The problem begins when moms happen to non-tech savvy and they can just make a hypothesis about the children’s online activities. In this situation, it would be better for moms to get their hands on the technological tools that are easy in their interface and enable moms to keep looking into online activities of children especially on their mobile devices using some sort of parental control software for cellphones. This would enable moms to make sure of the cyber safety of kids to the next level.

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