For any professional-be it a writer, editor, composer, or even a student, it is not possible to stay productive all the time. Therefore, they leave the work in between and wait for inspiration. But how people stay productive all the time? How a student can complete a work, he started without leaving it in between or without relying on the best dissertation writing services for help?

Tips For Productive Writing

1- Work In Your Most Productive Hours

Some people work best in the morning, while others feel creative energy in the afternoon or late at night. Observe yourself. When do you feel as alert and productive as possible? What hours do the most original ideas come to you?

The times when you are at the peak of your mental and physical strength are ideal for writing. Organize your work schedule in accordance with your biorhythms and try to stick to such a schedule.

2- Be Disciplined

If you are serious about being successful in your profession, practice daily. Let it become your habit! Set yourself a framework – for example, make music for an hour a day or write two pages of a future novel every morning.

And even when there is absolutely no energy or time for the desired occupation, one must keep in touch with him.

  • You can’t write several pages – write at least a paragraph a day.
  • A busy schedule does not allow you to start working on the big picture yet? Draw miniatures.
  • No original ideas? Just start writing or drawing the first thing that comes to mind.

Don’t let your creative wires fail. If they break or rust, it will damage you.

3- Develop creative thinking

Keep the right hemisphere of the brain in good shape to reduce the amount of creative stupor! There are many exercises to train your creative thinking that will help you stay productive. Here are some interesting options.

·         Break the normal course of things. For example, find another road to the store. 

·         Think of 30 ways to use any item, such as a blanket. The obvious ideas will come to mind at first, but then you will surprise yourself!

·         Choose 7 words at random from any book and come up with as many sentences as possible with them.

·         Place some blots on a piece of paper and then turn the inkblots into different characters or objects.

·         Think back to your favorite photo on Pinterest or Instagram and write a story about what may have happened immediately before or after the photo was taken.

Such exercises are very effective in teaching the subconscious mind to be creative and productive on demand, that is, when it is needed.

4- Collect Ideas

The writer is an artist whose job is to collect good ideas. And the more he or she accumulates them, the less likely they will be hit by a creative crisis or lack of productivity while working.

Show curiosity about the world you live in! Look around, collect and write anything that resonates with or fuels your imagination. Keep a folder for ideas and look into it every time you need inspiration.

5- Create The Best Flow Conditions

American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi said that a flow is a condition when a person is so involved in the work that nothing affects him or her. He noted that flow is a state in which productivity is combined with a feeling of happiness, and it occurs when a person is deeply immersed in one or another creative process.

Unfortunately, this state cannot be turned on like a light bulb. This is the reason students look for the best UK essay writing service as they are unable to be creative. But you can create conditions that make it easier for you to “catch” the stream.

·         Choose topics that interest you 

·         Avoid multitasking

·         Get rid of distractions

·         Think only about what you are working on now. Focus on the present moment. 

Final Words

It is not possible for a person to stay productive while doing monotonous work. But through different exercises and adopting different techniques will train the brain to be productive when needed.

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