Today, Instagram is the lifeline of business all around the world. That is because your potential customers scroll through your feed to view your products, brand message, experiences, and places that your existing followers share on this photo-sharing platform. Businesses, big and small are making the most out of the word-of-mouth marketing attributes of Instagram and leveraging the platform to sell without spending a dime! Though Instagram ads will cost you, you can sell your merchandise through this social site without having to spend your marketing dollars. You might be wondering how! 

You can build an Instagram storefront to shoot your sales sky high, and it is easier than what you believe. As a business, if you already have followers, customers who are loyal to your brand, all you need to do is engage and pique their interest surrounding your business and products. 

According to an article published on, there are smart ways to double your success on Instagram. First things first, you need to design a focal theme surrounding your posts and stick to the same. It is all about maintaining consistency. For instance, you need to use a brand color in your posts, which is consistent with your website and logo design. Read on to learn about some of the top secrets to help you sell your products through Instagram without spending anything. 

Sell right away via posts with a shoppable Instagram 

Based on Yotpo Instagram data, it was found that 72 percent of buyers think that viewing Instagram photos of a product improves sales possibilities. The same study showed that as high as 38 percent of shoppers cite that they often purchase items they see on the photo-sharing social platform, which is Instagram.

It signifies that it is up to your brand to let buyers shop around your business page with ease and convenience. The best way to do is through shoppable posts. It will let visitors click on the products you tagged in a photo and it takes users to your product page where they can choose and buy your merchandise. 

Through shoppable posts, your potential buyers or followers need not spend too much effort looking for the products that you share. It is as simple as finding your products, shopping around, and purchasing. It is effortless and convenient. You do not need to spend a dime to promote your products. All these activities are possible without your buyers having to leave the app, and that is convenient and easy shopping. 

How would you facilitate the capability to tag your items on Instagram? If you have a business in the US, this feature is available to brands, which qualified and accepted in the country. This way, you are fortunate to sell your products through Instagram in America using the shoppable feature. 

When you connect your Instagram business page with a store on the social media site Facebook or for that matter a catalog in Business Manager, you can easily turn on the Instagram product tagging option. It is as simple as that. Besides, when your buyers buy your products and like them, it would help you buy Instagram likes and gain more followers in the future. 

Integrate a CTA in your bio linking to a landing page 

The simplest and best way to boost sales on Instagram is by ensuring that your links work properly. Almost all who discover your brand on Instagram would head to your bio that is the ideal place to connect to the users over to your online shop. Then, you need to make this link function. All you need to do is integrating a short, simple, and effective call-to-action or CTA. You can write something simple like “Click on the link to see our current items” or something like “Shop around for our merchandise here.”

That type of CTA inspires your Instagram profile visitors to seey our merchandise that will improve sales as well as traffic. When it comes to an Instagram landing page, it is a page, which uses components such as testimonial, video, or any other convincing content to induce people to convert, especially those who visit your business Instagram profile. Then, you need to make certain that it’s a mobile-friendly page. You will need to include CTAs to particular sponsored posts, which would include words such as “Sign up,” “Download,” and things like that. These little things and smart use of CTAs will help you boost your sales and improve the bottom line. 

Focus more on your behind-the-scenes content and post it

The best thing about Instagram is its Stories feature, and businesses are reaping the maximum benefits out of the same to boost sales without spending any money. Did you know that more than 200 million people use the stories feature daily and over one-third of the maximum seen stories are from brands and companies? 

It is essential to note that stories are available for only 24 hours and they won’t be shown in your feed. Drawing tools, text, and stickers make these Instagram Stories and your brand’s creativity make a positive impact. 

Different from the standard photo feed, visitors would see Instagram stories at the peak of their usual feed daily. When your business posts these stories, the possibilities of your buyers viewing them become extremely higher compared to your normal photos or videos. 

Your followers would see your business profile photo at the top of their device screen, where they could click on the image to gain admittance and click through the visuals, photos or videos, in the behind-the-scenes stories.

The feature of Instagram stories is your best opportunity to become imaginative or creative and fret less about quality. You can with no trouble, show off your company’s behind-the-scenes culture via the stories feature to improve and build trust among your followers. Try this method and you will see positive results. 


Instagram is the ideal social media platform to sell products online through shoppable posts like Blastup . Then, you can sell and make money without paying anything if you follow these tips and tricks. Happy selling! 

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