Project Free TV vs Kisscartoon: Which is better in terms of user experience?

Project Free TV and Kisscartoon are 2 of the most famous online video content streaming platforms that offer premium quality content to their users for absolutely free. The content presented by both these online services is totally different, Project Free TV is for Movies and TV shows whereas Kisscartoon is for streaming cartoons and anime, the purpose of this comparison is to see which of these websites is best at maximizing user experience?

Here, we are going to compare both these services in terms of some basic UX measuring parameters like user instance, loading speed and navigation around the website, etc. 

So, let’s dive in and see which of these websites has the best user experience:   

User Interface:

Project Free TV has a neat user interface. You’ll find meaningful categories all over the website which you can go through to find the shows that you find interesting. UI is quite user-friendly and is engaging. There are no unnecessary distractions, the overall UI is balanced and looks great.

Kisscartoon has a basic, kid-friendly UI that is made in a way that makes it easy for kids to navigate around the website. Although the website is for kids, the UI elements like categories and cards are just like any other latest online streaming service. 

So, in terms of UI, we’d say project-free tv offers a much better user experience.           

Loading Speed:

The loading speed of both these websites is great. If you have a stable internet connection, both these websites would load up in less than 5 seconds, on average. 

There are certain regions where Project Free TV is blocked. So, if the website is not loading in your area then this might be the issue there. In order to deal with that, you can use a VPN service to bypass the geographic restrictions and have Project Free TV.


Project Free TV uses meaningful categories and tabs to make navigation around the website easier for its users. It also features a powerful search functionality that allows you to look up your favorite movie or TV show with the help of a simple search based on a keyword. You just have to put in the correct spellings of the show and the search algorithm would bring you straight to that show. 

As for kisscartoon, the navigation around the website is easy for kids as well as for adults. It has a search bar as well, but the search capability is not that efficient. You’d find most popular shows easily but when it comes to specifics, it would be quite hard for you to find a show that is not mainstream.

Number of Shows:

Project Free TV is one of the oldest online streaming websites so it has a huge collection of movies and TV shows that you can stream online. You can watch all the latest movies, TV shows as well as old-time classic shows. Binge-watch whatever show you want to or just go through the latest updates to your favorite shows.

Kisscartoon website takes a little longer to update. You can find all the old-time classics easily but when it comes to new shows, the website takes a few days to update depending on when the show is released. On average, you’d find the show on this website 2-3 days after it is released worldwide.    

Streaming Quality:

The streaming quality offered by both these websites is magnificent. You can watch as good as 1080p HD video on both these websites. Project Free TV allows you to select from a number of streaming qualities to find the one that works the best for you.     

Trending Shows:

The most trending shows on Project Free TV are 6 Underground, Deadpool 2, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, etc.

The most famous shows on Kisscartoon are Teen Titans, Ben 10, Sesame Street and the Simpsons. Kisscartoon Rick and Morty is another widely popular show on this website.  

Final Verdict:

Depending on these UI features, we have got to say that Project Free TV offers a much better user experience to their users. It has a bigger collection of shows, the streaming quality is great, and the overall navigation is much simpler than kisscartoon.

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