You probably run a TV channel and want to engage your fans better.

TV viewers generally multitask while watching. They are simultaneously watching TV and using their smartphones or tablets.

So use their phones/tablets to engage them. This might be to visit your website, download an app, follow you on social media, or buy anything. All you need is a free QR code generator to make it easy for them to act. And QR Codes are the most incredible way to achieve that.

QR Codes are two-dimensional barcodes that smartphones can scan. They are a great way to integrate offline and internet media.

They are now commonly utilised for promotional and operational purposes such as:

  • A website redirection via print media campaigns
  • Requesting consumer reviews for a business
  • Allowing people to pay
  • Gaining more fans on social media
  • Getting people to download an app

Here’s how TV channels can use QR codes to engage viewers:

To redirect viewers to a website.

Let’s say you want more website visitors. So you put your website link on TV. Viewers have to unlock their phones, open a browser, and type the entire link to view your website. They must invest time and effort. So many may skip it. Make it easier to intervene. And a QR Code can help.

Instead of a website link, TVs can display QR Codes. When you scan a QR code, it takes visitors to your website. In January 2019, Netflix added a QR Code to the Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch. This QR Code leads to a film’s promotional website.

Get more Social media Followers.

Today’s social media channels create communities. Here, viewers can learn about upcoming shows and discuss current ones.

To begin, you’ll need your audience to follow you on social media. Though you can share your social media profiles, chances are few will use them (just like a website link).

Put a QR Code for Social Media on their TV screens instead. So, your fans can follow you on their preferred social media platform.

For example, Netflix used QR codes to promote its Gilmore Girls reboot. A million views on Gilmore Girls photo filters resulted from 10,000 coffee cups printed with Snap Codes.

To get your audience an app.

If your channel has a mobile app, encourage your viewers to download it. Then you can advertise it on TV. QR codes can be used to encourage people to download your app. It’s an App Store QR Code.

A QR code directs users to the appropriate app store (such as Google Play or App Store) to download the app.

Chick-Fil-A is one of the restaurants that use QR Codes to engage mobile users. The QR Code took users to the brand’s app link. The technology increased mobile app downloads by 14%.

To help them buy

Suppose you want people to buy a subscription to your YouTube channel. Visitors will inquire about your subscription plan, and if they like, they will buy it.

Create a QR Code for TV screens. QR Code leads to a personalised landing page with plan details and a payment link. They can easily click the link and pay after reading the details.

When NBCU tested shoppable QR codes on one of its shows in 2019, 50,000 people scanned them in five minutes. NBCU increased conversion rates by up to 30% using Shoppable QR Codes.

To provide coupon codes easily.

Coupon codes are a great way to reward your customers. But what if I told you that QR Codes could double your redemption rate?

Create a QR Code for the coupon so that users can scan it to avail of it.

Blackrock Bar & Grill saw a 27% redemption rate for a mobile coupon. According to Mobile Marketer, this was a 2018 pilot programme on restaurant TVs.