Sherry Dyson rose to prominence due to her prior marriage to acclaimed novelist Chris Gardner. Her ex-husband has had a variety of jobs, including those of businessman and stockbroker. Despite her inability to become a big name in the entertainment industry, Sherry’s husband has watched with pride as she pursues a successful career in another field. Education was a sector in which she excelled in the past.

In the late 1970s, the couple married the wedding, but their marriage did not last long. After three years of dating, they separated. There are no children from their relationship; however Sherry did have a miscarriage.

This page discusses Dyson’s childhood in addition to many other amazing facts.

  • Sherry Dyson’s mother taught high school.

Sherry Dyson was born in Virginia in the 1950s. Her father was the proprietor of the A. D. Price Funeral Home and a mortician. In contrast, her mother was a schoolteacher.

Sherry had lived her whole life in the same Richmond home, a lovely colonial on Hanes Avenue.

Dyson was born in America and is of African-American origin.

  • Education

The University of Michigan granted Dyson a Master of Arts in Teaching. In addition, she attended Morgan State for her studies.

  • The whereabouts of Sherry Dyson remain a mystery.

Since a long time ago, nothing new has been reported concerning her activities. However, Sherry has also taught college-level mathematics in the past. In addition, she worked as a tutor in the public schools of Richmond.

The former instructor is also active in other charitable initiatives. After realising that Ciara Armstrong’s birthday came in December 2019, Dyson decided to collect donations for Stand Up To Cancer through the social media platform.

Sherry Dyson, who was formerly married to Chris Gardner, is now his ex-wife. When did they first begin dating?

In the 1970s, the exes first crossed paths. Chris, who is four years younger than Sherry, wrote in his memoirs The Pursuit of Happiness that he and Sherry saw the 1971 film Summer of ’42 together. This film, which depicts the relationship between a middle-aged lady and a high school kid, is romantically beautiful in every respect.

Despite the fact that neither Sherry nor Chris first gave their relationship any attention, it gradually grew into an undeniable love affair. Despite residing in different areas, the pair maintained their long-distance relationship with several late-night phone conversations. In the aforementioned book, Gardner not only admitted to a 900 phone bill, but he also acknowledged it.

  • Wedding:

Chris Dyson, Sherry’s husband, purchased an engagement ring using credit.

Before choosing to further their relationship, the pair dated for many years. On June 18, 1977, they exchanged vows. Navy colleague Leon Webb served as best man for Chris’s Virginia wedding. The event was held at Chris’s parents’ home, the Dysons. From the chandeliers to the one-of-a-kind wall art, the two-story venue was adorned with southern hospitality.

The motivating speaker also provided Sherry with a $900 diamond engagement ring.

  • Miscarriage of a Pregnant Woman

Numerous tabloids wrongly reported that Dyson and Chris had a child together, although they remained barren throughout their marriage. Sherry really gave birth to their first child. However, Dyson suffered a miscarriage. They were both devastated by the tragic occurrence.

Chris, in need of more funds, had accepted a nighttime security guard position.

The Dissolution of Christopher Gardner’s Marriage Due to His Extramarital Affairs

In 1980, after just three years of marriage, the couple split. Gardner informed his wife a few days before his 26th birthday that he would no longer pursue a career as a physician. The decision started to undermine their relationship almost immediately.

Sherry Dyson moved to Oakland shortly after their separation. After then, contact between the former partners was at best limited. It took nine long years to finalise their divorce.