The Six Sigma certification is an essential one in today’s job market. A professional who has been Six Sigma Certified is highly demanded and respected. With more firms embracing the Six Sigma approach to increase performance and eliminate defects, the certification process might provide jobs to prospects for positions worldwide. 

A Green Belt certification is a real milestone in your profession. Are you looking to step into this field? Then register for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification in Los Angeles that trains and certifies employees participating directly in Six Sigma Projects. Green Belt training is perfect for everyone to make the most of their career. Let’s go in-depth about what Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification offers.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a solid, data-based improvement strategy that values the prevention of defects against the identification of defects. Lean Six Sigma brings Lean and Six Sigma methodologies together. Its principles contribute to eliminating or reduce process wastes. The focus of Six Sigma is on process variation to reduction. The Lean Six Sigma principles contribute to enhancing the process’s effectiveness and quality.

What is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification?

A Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC) certifies a person who has an extensive understanding of enhanced problem-solving skills, emphasizing define, measure, analyze, improve and control (DMAIC) model.

Green belts are certified team players and try to increase the quality of the process. They contribute to the bridging gap between Six Sigma theory and its application in the current world. In refining the process, data inspection, or project management, Six Sigma Green Belt applicants play a significant role. 

Why earn Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification?

Six Sigma certificates are essential to resume fodder; if they are from the proper organization and an internal training course or a fly-by-night training agency, they are entirely useless. 

Let’s see a few benefits of lean six sigma green belt certification:

  • Higher salary growth – It is vital to stand out from the crowd to enhance your earning potential. Nothing happens faster and cheaper than a Six Sigma certification. It is not only because it is incredibly versatile in virtually every business but also because employers recognize that your knowledge is likely to have important implications for their earnings. It’s hardly surprising that they are rewarding Six Sigma certified personnel.
  • Career advancements – Employers wish to eliminate corporate errors, but the vast world demand cannot be satisfied by enough certified professionals. Once the HR observes a Six Sigma credential, the applicant usually rises to the top of the resume stack.
  • Job security – Six Sigma aims to reduce process defects. When businesses face redundancies, they rely more – not less – on the Six Sigma force. These employees are at the forefront of increasing profits by cost-saving projects.
  • Help your company reduce errors – A Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB) professional may assist any industry in optimizing any complex- and soft-saving process or system.
  • Leadership opportunities – It is clear that leadership possibilities become incredibly common if you can significantly affect your organization and are considered a vital asset for your organization. In fact, the more you expand your knowledge of Six Sigma, the more opportunities emerge.

How much salary does a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified professional earn?

Salary can serve as a key motivator for many excellent professionals. As per the recent survey, a CSSGB can earn an annual high pay grade, which has become the 10th most paying IT certification. Salary ranges vary because of their dependence on many important factors, including education, additional qualifications, certifications, and years invested in this career.

Earning your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt credential is a good investment in your career. According to the recent pay analysis, many Six Sigma Green Belts get more than 100k with their lean six sigma credentials. Completing your six sigma certificate is a fast way of boosting your career and creating new prospects.

And Six Sigma’s necessity is now more than ever with the advent of 2021! You may have heard of professional recognition and the pay increase it offers. All of that is true. Professionals with six sigma belts usually enjoy a more excellent reputation and receive higher preferences during job selection or advancement. You can also expect higher paychecks with six sigma certifications. Let us now look at how a predicted six sigma green belt pay differs according to location.

Six Sigma Green Belt’s basic income ranges from 98,200 and 127,800 dollars, with an average base pay of 121,000 dollars. The overall cash benefit, including base and annual incentives, can vary from $103,700 to $130,900, with an average pay of $124,700.

While the green belt salaries are lower than those of the black belt, the salaries for quality engineer or lean manufacturing coordinator jobs are always higher. You are likely to receive $89,000 every year in the City of Los Angeles. In the US, the typical median yearly pay is predicted to climb further to $100,000.

The six-sigma green belt certification is a fantastic approach to step your feet in a quality management environment. For a newbie who has recently completed a graduate degree and has no industrial training or practical knowledge, you can expect lower pay than those with five or more years of experience. Even the lowest salary is excessively high, with more experience you can get better.

Final takeaway

An integrated six sigma methodology helps improve the efficiency of the process, optimize resources, increase customer satisfaction, and improve profit and cost reduction. Six Sigma Green Belts are people who work on initiatives for simple process improvement. In general, less than 50% of their time would be required to spend on Six Sigma tasks. However, the duties and requirements of the Six Sigma Green Belt will vary among firms.

The Green Belt certification is excellent for people who wish to improve existing procedures. You must be sure that your certificate is acknowledged and that the organization behind it is still there for a few years.