Significance of Full Body Health Check up You Should Know About. Generally, people visit to their respective doctors for a number of reasons. But a majority of the people make an appointment with healthcare provider while they experience any inexplicable health concern. Only a few make the visit for a follow up routine for their overall health. 

But the controversy is regarding people should visit the doctor to fix a medical condition when OTC (over-the-counter) drugs fail to do so. Is it right or wrong? Whatever, nowadays, people are accepting the concept of visiting the doctor for full body health check up. 

Moreover, organisations and companies are also making the annual health check up compulsory for the employees. Even local people despite of their healthiness start prioritising the value of screening if ever suggested by any doctor. The famous saying “Health is Wealth” is not a cliché but possesses much truth around it. 

If you truly want to be healthy by making yourself less depended on the external sources then, maintaining a good lifestyle is essential! It can be only achieved by eating nutritious foods, proper exercising and practising good oral habits. Instead of considering it as the seasonal resolution; consider it as a lifetime procedure. 

Visiting your doctor at a fixed period of time is one such habit to lead a healthy lifestyle in the long haul.

Why is it necessary to visit for annual health check up?

The annual full body health check up is the yearly routine health check up by the doctor for an extensive assessment of the general health. It is regarded as the vital step against the prevention of major health concerns. With the help of this test, your doctor will be able to determine your medical conditions state and diagnose the potential issues which are in their early stages of development. 

By undergoing regular full body health check up, these issues can be traced easily and right treatment can be offered to you on time. Certain subtle diseases are there which don’t display any symptoms or signs until they become much more severe and lead to more damage to the body. 

That’s why you are highly recommended to visit the doctor at a regular interval of time as everyone’s lifestyle can put at risk of some sort of medical conditions.   

Why every people require full body health check up?

Certain reasons are there for tailoring a daily health check up into the respective fitness lifestyle and the key one is to stay protected from potential diseases and infection. During your full body health checkups several laboratory tests and screenings will be performed to detect the emergence of any medical condition in their early stages. 

So, right treatment can be provided on time to cure it efficiently before it causes any harm to your body. Health check up is widely chosen on the basis of certain aspects like lifestyle, family medical health, age and sex. By doing so, doctor can easily determine the actual requirement of the people. 

Apart from promoting your overall health, it strengthens the patient-doctor relationship at the same time. Only a doctor can learn a patient how to lead healthy lifestyle and how dangerous inactivity, binge eating, tobacco addiction and alcoholism can be!     

Does every healthy person needs full body health check up once a year?

As per most medical experts and doctors, it is recommended to undergo entire body health check up once a year by every people regardless of the health. It is essential for the healthy individual because more selective approaches can be taken for them to prevent against the diseases if any traces are found. 

So, it is advised to perform the whole body health check up once every year to stay healthy and fit in the long haul.   

What should be your expectation during health check up?

Mental preparation is what you need while you have already an appointment of full body health check up. It is always advisable to every people that whenever any usual symptom is observed in the body, you should take a note of it. 

It can be raised as your concern on visiting the doctor during follow up routine health check up. An extensive examination for your overall health is crucial to detect any underlying medical condition which can be diagnosed and treated promptly. 

Certain expected things at the time of your health check up are listed in the following:

  • Clinical History: You medical history record will be updated every time you visit the doctor for the future reference. Even any existing preventive measures such as immunisations, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, pap tests and others are noted at the same time. 
  • Family Medical History: It is vital as your doctor can get to know about the hereditary infection and disease of the entire family. Dealing with your health will be performed accordingly. 
  • Early Medical History: Your early medical procedures including surgeries and medications will be reviewed by the doctor to choose the ideal treatment option at preset for your current health concern.  
  • Lifestyle Information: It basically includes balance of personal life and work-life, home living conditions, working environment and nature of the work.  All these possess much implication on your overall health. 
  • Habits: Your practice of lifestyle such as using of seat belts during driving, sexual habits, smoking, alcoholism and intake of recreational drug and much more. 
  • Information related to the Normal Body Function: Regular functions of your body including vision and hearing ability, bowel movements, eating and sleeping. 
  • Physical Examination: It is essential for the people with certain symptoms. They are clear indication of any disease or infection. But it can never be used as a part of screening in case of the healthy individual with no health complaints. 

Composition of the Regular Full Body Health Check Up

On the basis of the preliminary health examination, further tests and screening will be prescribed by the professional private GP in London. It includes the following:

Usually full body health check up comprises of cardiac test, lungs function test, ultrasonography, X-ray, urine tests and blood tests. These anatomical tests are only performed at the accredited hospital or laboratory equipped with required tools and instruments. After report is delivered it should be verified by an experienced physician. 

Some tests which make up of the regular full body health check up are given below:

  • General physical examination comprising of pulse rate, blood pressure, height and weight and much more.
  • Haemogram and blood tests which help in determining anaemia, infections and other similar diseases and infections.
  • Lipid Profile Test assists in evaluating the risk of cardiovascular disease or infection.
  • Liver Function Test assesses the liver’s functional ability along with determination of the liver diseases or infections.
  • Kidney Function Test detects the normal functioning ability of the kidneys.
  • Blood Sugar is helpful in measuring the level of glucose in the blood to figure it as pre-diabetes or diabetes.
  • Chest X-ray is reliable for extensive studying of chest along with its organs. Visit this page for more information.
  • ECG determines the heartbeat uniformity and its normal heart rate. Ultrasonography helps in assessing the abdominal structures such as kidneys, pancreas, liver, gall bladder and spleen. 
  • Urine Examination is performed for an overall evaluation of the full health on the basis of metabolic or systemic diseases.

Healthy lifestyle and extensive full body health check up

Rather an option, preventive as well as extensive full body health check up is an essential requirement for the people of every age. Periodic full body health check up is the best way to figure out the presence of the dormant disease which is affecting your internal health silently. 

Not only prevention against certain diseases but full body health check up also helps in maintaining an overall proper health both externally and internally. On visiting your private healthcare provider (HCP) the general health will be examined thoroughly by performing a number of tests and screenings for obtaining a deeper insight about your health condition. 

Figuring out of the medical condition in their initial stages is quite helpful as proper treatment can be administered on time. Meanwhile it will be quite effective against the disease as well. There are many diseases which never shown any symptoms until they reach the severe stage causing major damage to the body in the meantime. 

Such medical conditions can be easily detected in their initial stages with the help of the full body health check up.

Although essential yet only regular full body health check up cannot promote your overall health. If you want a healthy lifestyle then you have to do much more than visiting your healthcare provider at a regular interval of time. It includes practising of good habits and consumption of well-balanced nutritious diet. 

You have to abstain from certain bad practices along with consumption of harmful substances like processed foods, tobacco, alcohol, and excess salt and sugar. Even you have to include moderate to light daily workout in the daily routine to achieve best ever results for your health. 

Remember, healthy habits are the prime thing that will combat the harmful infections and diseases and resist them from leading any medical complexity in your body.  Before visiting anywhere else, you are suggested to check reviews of private GPs London so that you can get the treatment from the best one. 

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