With the market full of skincare products that promise to wow you, it is not always easy finding the right product and skincare regimen that fulfills your need. It is far too unrealistic to imagine that you can try all the recommended products to find the perfect fit for you. It is much more practical to have skincare guidance, from a professional or an expert, such as a top dermatologist in Lahore, who can recommend the right product to you. 

Read on to know some skin care secrets that can leave you with a glowy skin:

Understand your skin

The first step to a good skincare regimen is to find what skin type you are. All would be for naught if you end up smearing creams on your face that are not right for your skin type. Misinformation and the use of wrong product can end up irritating your skin, breakouts and even premature aging. 

The main types of skin include: dry, sensitive, normal, oily, acne-prone and mature skin. You can seek help expert from your healthcare provider to determine what type of products you should choose and in determining predominantly what type of skin you have. 

Moisturize your skin

No matter what skin type you are, your skin needs moisturizer, and not just once a day! You need to put on moisturizer both in the AM and the PM. According to dermatologist Dr Janet Prystowsky, M.D. the best time to moisturize is right when you get out of the shower, and your skin is all supple and wet, and just before sleeping, to get the maximum benefit overnight. 

However, make sure to avoid moisturizer that’s too heavy for you skin, or one with a heavy fragrance as that can irritate your skin. Even for oily and acne-prone skin, the use of moisturizer is essential. 

Exfoliate once or twice a week 

Exfoliation helps to improve the texture of skin, and make it bright by removing the dead skin cells that hang on. Without exfoliation, the skin can end up looking sullen and dull. Thus, a good pH neutral exfoliant, once or twice a week can work wonders. 

Use vitamin C serums

Just like the body, vitamins are also important for the skin. One such great source of vitamins for the skin include vitamin C serums that nourish the skin and help to repair damage from within. The best time to apply such serums is right after cleansing. They can also be worn underneath the makeup during the day under sunscreen. 

Layer the products correctly 

One might be using all the right products but not getting the results. This could be due to wrong order of placing the products and layering them incorrectly. There is a simple order of layering products correctly so they can easily penetrate into the skin, and work in conjunction with other products to improve the skin texture. 

The first step is cleansing, followed by toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer and face oil. This in turn can be topped with sunscreen for the day time. 

Double cleanse

In this day and age of perpetual pollution, it is always a good idea to double cleanse. What this K-beauty hack means is to cleanse twice, first using an oil-based cleanser to get the makeup, dirt, pollution and oil off the face, and then using a water-based cleanser to leave you with a clean base to apply the night time skincare. 

Clean your makeup brushes regularly 

Makeup brushes can be full of bacteria and debris that can clog the pores and cause breakouts on the skin. Make sure that if you use makeup brushes regularly, you are cleaning them regularly as well.  

Eat right 

Skin is the biggest organ of the body, and a reflection of what we eat. More greens, fruits, and raw vegetables provide the body with the right anti-oxidants and micronutrients to bring a glow on the face.

Sunscreen is crucial

Sunscreen is needed not only when you go outdoors, but also when you are indoors. The UV radiation which damages the skin is ever present, and contributes to the aging process. Therefore, it is best to incorporate sunscreen in your daily routine, and re-apply it every few hours especially when you are in the outdoors. Opt for a formula that is both light-weight, and provides protection against UVA and UVB radiation. 

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate 

The importance of hydration cannot be emphasized enough. Improved hydration improves the texture of the skin, and makes is look more radiant. It also improves the elasticity of skin, making it look less saggy. On an average day, the water intake should be upward of eight glasses of water. 

Don’t touch the face

Our hands are full of bacteria, which can transfer to the face if we touch our face too much. This in turn is a leading reason for too many breakouts and face bumps. 

Don’t use too much product

Using too much products can overwhelm the skin. For instance, the use of too much moisturizer can clog the pores and cause breakouts. The more is more rule is not a good idea when it comes to skincare. 

If these techniques don’t work for you then it may be a good idea to consult a professional who can suggest a more personalized treatment, such as the best dermatologist in Karachi.

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